15 Steps To Reinvent Yourself and Start Over

Dr Laide Okubena

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What got you to the present will not take you to the future.

Here is

The Reinvention of Gordon Ramsay

Did you know that Celebrity Chef, Gordon Ramsay, was once a footballer for Rangers FC?

He was still trialling for the club when at 15, he suffered an injury that forced him to leave the sport he loved.

He found another passion in cooking while he was a potwasher at a local restaurant and then decided to enrol in a cooking school.

He kept serving and learning from the best, leaving his little town of Banbury to chase perfection in London, Paris, Bermuda and Sicily.

Today he's a world renown Celebrity Chef and TV Personality with an estimated net worth of over $220 Million... but few remember that his first love was football.

How far are you willing to go to reinvent yourself, and make the rest of your life the best of your life?

- John Obidi

Here are 15 Steps to making a Reinvention in your life especially if you are currently not satisfied with where you are or trying to move to a new level , new field in your personal or Professional life.

1. Decide you want to Change.

Picture  yourself 10 to 15 years following  the trajectory  you are currently following  if your  life won't change ,it is time to make a change.

Your life will not change until you  change.

You will need to make a decision.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Everyone wishes they could be more but delayed making the key decisions  when it mattered the most.

Give it your all.

2. Make a 6 Months  Plan

This is where your attitude changes from a desire to a Plan.

Going without  a plan is just a wish.

6 months  from today you can be a very new person to simplify it.

It is a 3step process

1. Define it ,who is this person who you want to become , what do they eat, where do they live , who do they spend time with and what do their life look like?

2. Break it down

Break  it down into small actionable steps.

What do I need to started ?

What is the minimum skill that will get my foot through  the door?

How much will it cost for me to move or make the change?

What tools do I need?

How many interviews will you need to get a new job?

How much money do I need to save up to give myself a shot at settling in?

The more prepared you the higher your chances of success.

3. Commit Money and Effort to it.

This is where it gets real where men gets separated  from the  boys.

This is where Dreamers are separated  from Doers and Achievers.

Start investing in your new life.

If you want to move to a new country start taking language lessons.

Pay for that tutor , pay for that immigration lawyer. This is where you buy the plane ticket  or pay for the first few months rent.

This applies to virtually  any major changes you want to make in your life ,personally and professionally.

A goal without a deadline is nothing but a wish.

Now that you have a written plan, it is time to get to work.

Step 3 . Start building  your  next skill set.

Building  a new skill set means you  will have to do a lot new things that are uncomfortable  for you. Things will seem hard and complex at first, building a new skill at first is very hard.

Adapt to  it and get to work and practice daily  because your new life depends on this exact period of time. You need to get in shape, don't  be afraid to start slow with the fundamentals.

This is the foundation  everything starts from, make a schedule  for yourself.

What if this new thing i am working on works ask yourself this question.

Step 4. Make one connection  from the world you want to live in.

Find someone  willing to teach you  the ropes,  find someone  who is doing it and emulate the thing from them.

This requires a lot of energy and hard work.

Ask this person what it takes to fill in your blanks to make a change.

They will provide support and guidance for you.

Step 5.  Understand that door is open and will remain that way.

You can always come back if the new level you are chasing  you are not happy with it but you won't view the same way anymore.

Step 6. Move  and Survive

This is a moment you recognise resistance,

Most of us have two lives , the life we live and the unlived life within us.- Steven presfield

Between  the two stands resistance.
This is when your body goes numb,
your blood starts flowing and your brain goes into panic mode.

Are you  really sure you want to do this then you jump and get out the other way.

Dive and land and get up with this feeling.

This is when you face your fears and jump. Force your  body to follow up on the move and figure out how to survive.

This is a new life and you leave completely  the comfort zone.

Step 7. Push through the feeling of loneliness and chaos

Whenever growth happens it doesn't  feel right,  same happens when going to the gym. The heart starts to panic, doubt comes in   to reconsider  the new decisions you have made.

Your evolutionary prioritizes survival  over growth.

Those who ventured out in wilderness, this feels chaotic because  the feeling is new.  You begin to settle into the unknown when you settle into your new role.

Feeling of familiarity comes with time. You took the new leap of faith and you are running  the new race.

Step 8. Start building  new life routines.

Talk to people  you will likely  see on your new route, volunteer regularly  in areas of your new route.

Connect with the people in your new environment.

Make new friends, this is step when making new changes and reinventing yourself.

Step 9. Find your first anchor of happiness and build around it.

Find that new partner e.g getting married or business partners  to help anchor your new level.

Step 10. Set Big Goals for your new life.

You didn't  do this to settle for small goals.

You begin by setting  the right goals.  Maybe you are writing a new book.

Those who make the jump never look back and settle for misery.

If you  are going to dream , dream big.

Would  capture it or let it slip?

Step 11. Build Your  Social Circle

Your life is boring because you have boring friends , if you want a cool life and friends you should become cool yourself.

You will make those friends and engage with those individuals and have different points of view and cultures ,learn about people and follow up  with  them.

Step 12. Pay attention  not to repeat the patterns of the previous life.

People make mistakes of changing location without changing behaviour.

The process of reinvention involves  change in behaviour and the way you process events in the world.

It is easy to fall back into the habits of the old life.

Step 13. Prove to yourself  that you  live off this lifestyle longterm.

You are now at the level you can accelerate into the new lifestyle and build momentum for the long term.

Step 14. Incrementally improve  the Elements around you.

It is time to upgrade your life in all areas.

Improve the quality  of your relationships,  improve the quality  of the food you eat, improve the comfort  of your home, improve the ideas you expose yourself to and because of this new and better versions of you come to fruition

You move from version 1.0 to 2.0 or even a 2.1 or 2.5.

Humans are not designed to be stagnant. We are designed to  create new solutions and it is our dna to perpetually improve.

Step 15. Achieve  the New Version of Success.

When you  began this version you had no idea of where it would end. Now you are a version 2.0 you have developed and evolved and made new changes.

You are ready for  a new mature face and that is where 3.0 comes in place.

Your values and beliefs changes as you achieve peace.

This year you should build something new and exciting.

Question of the day

If you  could reinvent  yourself today, what would you like to be or do in life?
If you are currently not happy with your current state or situation in life either Financially or any area of your life.

I challenge you to reinvent yourself , you can respond with challenge accepted if you are game with this.

I look forward to you sharing your success story and new growth level.

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day ,Do have a Successful and Productive Week.

Dr Laide Okubena is a Business Manager, Realtor and Trainer based in Lagos, Nigeria.

2. Gordon Ramsay


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