7 Reasons Why you Should Attend the 15th Lagos Motor Fair.

15th Lagos Motor Fair

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Most auto shows just parade car models and nothing else. The auto shows is all about car models under one roof which is a very exciting and interesting sight to behold.

The 15th Lagos Motor Fair is more than just car models. It is everything about the automobile industry ranging from car models, different car parts, lubricants, oils, electronic gadgets such as scanning tools and whatever you can think of that is associated with the industry.

Here are 7 reasons why you should not miss this year’s Lagos Motor Fair:

  • ·        Various Vehicle Models in One Place: There will different models as well as accessories under one roof for your delight. Car shows are one of rare moments where different models from different companies alongside their representatives are available to give you a tour.
  • ·        Opportunity to Meet the Companies: This is an opportunity to meet the companies of your favorite car models or the manufacturers of the different accessories. All your questions about the product are answered without delays.
  • ·        The Experience: Auto shows come with memorable experiences. You can into contact with latest models or gadgets which have only seen in pictures and videos.
  • ·        Fun and Excitement: There is fun and excitement associated with shows with entertainment and lots of goodies. There are several souvenirs to go round from the participating companies to visitors. Also you can be among the winners in raffle draws held.
  • ·        Meet other auto Enthusiasts: Auto shows are a great place to meet other auto enthusiasts like you and make connections. You can interact as well as network.
  • ·        Business Opportunities: There are so many business opportunities that you can tap from at the 15th Lagos Motor Fair. A lot of the participants especially those from outside the country will use the opportunity of partnership as Nigeria has the market for their products. You can speak with them and get their contacts as well.
  • ·        Lead to sales: For most participants, such shows can lead to sales for those who have their products on ground. It is also a very good way to generate leads and have access to the source of the products you need instead of going through middle men who will double the prices.

This year’s edition organized by BKG Exhibitions Ltd will offer you more than just a show. It is an opportunity to come as a visitor and if you are business and willing to participate, this is just that opportunity.

Interestingly the Lagos Motor show will also showcase Motorcycles. Let’s talk about the type of motorcycles you will be seeing at the motor fair.

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