Be Like Kennedy : Episode 1

A Real Estate Storyboard Series

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Kennedy grew up in a city where the dream of every young man was to go abroad to hustle. On his street, nearly all his mates had secretly sold their father’s cars or houses and jetted out of the country. He had the mindset of going abroad but what would he sell? Was it his father’s rickety Peugeot 504 model or the 3 bedroom bungalow that his parents had managed to build that sheltered himself and his four siblings?

His parents had called him and told him “Kennedy, go to school and focus on how to become somebody. Don’t follow your mates who have abandoned their education to go abroad. If you want to go abroad for your education, I am ready to support you”. Kennedy however followed his parents’ advice.

Years later, Kennedy got a good paying job in Lagos after his university education. He rented an apartment and had enough money to train his siblings and removed the burden from his parents. One Christmas, Kennedy had traveled to his parents who were old. He was surprised to see some of his mates back in town. They were not as rich as he had thought. His father told him that after several years outside the country; only a handful got their papers while the others were repatriated back. They had nothing to offer and coming back home with no certificate to get a job; they are at the mercy of God and the politicians who use them to carry out their operations.

Kennedy had told his father that he was ready to go abroad since he has everything he wanted – cars, fat bank account, clothes etc. His father laughed and told him that he still lacked the most valuable of all – A landed property. His father told him the current value of his house if put up for sale; it was worth 20 times more than the original price for building it. His father told him that with a landed property, he has a secured investment and future.

It was the best advice given by a father to his son. Kennedy purchased a land in Sangotedo, Ibeju-Lekki and built a block of four flats. Today, it is the returns from that property that foot the bills for his vacations.

Interesting and straight forward story, right? Kennedy did not get right just like that. Things never went smoothly as it is told. There were series of pitfalls and near death experiences...

Watch out Next Wednesday for Episode two of this new series...Be Like Kennedy

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