Be Like Kennedy: Episode 2

A Real Estate Storyboard Series

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Just like every testimony given in the church, how Kennedy started and ended was given but not the middle part. Kennedy did not get it right the moment his father advised him to invest in real estate. He made lots of mistakes.

After his father told him about investing in real estate, Kennedy came back to his base in Lagos. In was later in the day after some bottles had been laid to rest that he told two of his best friends Pius and Kenneth the advice his father gave him. They laughed and Pius said to him “You don’t need to buy any land because you don’t need that now”. “Are you ready to start building now?” Kenneth asked “You are not stable in one place”

Some days, later Kennedy received a call from his father asking him if he has considered getting himself a plot of land as they discussed.  Kennedy lied to him that he was looking for a place to buy. He wanted to get the old man off his back. A month later he got his another call from his father asking if he has seen one and he told him that the ones he has seen so far were not good. He however promised to get one in two weeks time.

He contacted Pius who told him he had a friend who was into Real Estate. Two days later, he met with this agent and an inspection was arranged. The land was at a place called Shibiri. Kennedy was not concerned with the location or the title of the land. All he wanted was to just buy a land and please his father. That was his first mistake.

At the end of the week, the inspection was done and Kennedy paid for 3 plots. He was given a family receipt and told to build something on it to secure the land. Because he was busy at work, Pius took up the contract to build a fence around the property.

Two days later, he got a call from someone who told him that Pius was critically wounded and in a hospital. Kennedy tried to get some more information from the guy but all he got was the address of the hospital. Without wasting time, Kennedy dashed to the hospital. What he saw got him scared.

Pius had several machete cuts all over his body. When Kennedy tried to ask what happened, all he heard was “The Land”…

“The Land?” Kennedy was confused.

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