Be Like Kennedy: Episode 4

By Akomeno Ibagere (The Real Estate Explorer)

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A week later, Kennedy was back on his feet again. He did not go back to the land after surviving that attack. All he wanted was his money. He had heard a lot about these groups of people called “Omoniles”. The agent had told him that they were dealing directly with the “Baale” (Clan Head) of the community and that there would be no trouble. Now look at how things turned out. He almost lost his life.

The only way he could get back his money was only through Pius who knew the agent. He had been calling the agent’s numbers but the response was always “not reachable”. Kennedy had to wait for Pius to get better before he could start thinking of his money. Pius was a street guy and so knew how to track the agent. Pius would not want anything to jeopardize their friendship because he would lose a lot.

Two weeks later, he was with Pius and Kenneth at their regular joint putting bottles to rest. They were celebrating their escape from death in the hands of those blood sucking demons as Kenneth tagged them.

“So Pius, any news about my money?” Kennedy asked

“Ken, you know he just recovered. Don’t spoil the mood.” Kenneth answered. Kennedy looked at Kenneth scornfully. Irrespective of the fact that they were his closest pals, there was a limit to trust for them when it comes to money especially Pius.

“Kenny, I know now but let Pius speak for himself”

Pius lifted his glass of Martell Blue Swift and emptied the contents in his mouth. He steadied himself and placed his two hands on the table. He looked at Kenneth and then Kennedy. He cleared his throat and then shook his head.

“Kennedy, if not for God that saved me, would you be asking about your money now? Pius said “Well, I was able to track the agent and he said the Baale has agreed to give you another place at Igbesa”

“Igbesa? Where is that?” Kennedy shouted

“Igbesa is after Agbara in Ogun State” Kenneth answered

“Pius, from Lagos to Ogun State?” Kennedy questioned. He was now very upset.

“Please Kennedy calm down. I am sorry that’s the only way” Pius said

“Pius that is your only way. Not mine”. Kennedy said and stormed out of their regular joint in anger.

Watch out next week Monday for Episode 5 of This Real Estate Series.

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