Be Like Kennedy: Episode 5

A Real Estate Series.

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Pius was lost in thoughts that he could not hear when Mr. Agbo entered the office. For the past two weeks, he had not had a good sleep. There were so many problems robbing him of sleep. He had tried taking sleeping tablets but the problems seemed to be too strong for the drugs.

It was not the first time that he had been involved in land business and in most cases, when there are such issues; the clients usually accept other locations. He has been so disturbed because of Kennedy’s refusal to accept the land at Igbesa. He had known Kennedy from his university days and he wouldn’t want to jeopardize that relationship. Kennedy had helped him in so many ways and that was one of the major reasons he has been having sleepless nights.

He had gotten in touch with the agent and from the discussion, he was asked to come with the client as it was not a matter to be discussed over the phone. He had told Kennedy but he vehemently refused to go anywhere with him. All he said was “My money and nothing else”. Pius knew that such money was in possible because he knew how the game works. Some days ago, the agent had told him that the Baale had told him that “Money wey enter native doctor hand no dey get refund (Money given to a witch doctor has no refund)”.

“Mr Pius, the thing is really bad” Mr Agbo said

“Agbo, what can be done in this matter?” Pius asked as he sat up when the agent tapped his shoulder.

“You and I know that the Baale doesn’t refund instead he will give land” Mr. Agbo answered. “He said he has used the money for Odun (festivities) and unless your client will wait till he sells another land”

“Mr. Agbo, when will that be?” Pius asked.

He knew that he was in big trouble. The agency fee and the extra money he had added to the original price of the land have already being used for other things. What if Kennedy got to know that they had made him pay twice the price of the land?

Pius’ phone rang. He looked at the number and saw that it was the surveyor whom he had invited to take the coordinates on the site to prepare the survey plan. He was lucky that the surveyor had left before the attack happened. He would have been responsible for any damaged equipment.

“Hello, Surveyor how are you?” Pius answered his phone

“Pius, I am fine. Your friend has lost the land. Go and tell him to collect his money.”

“Surveyor, what is the problem?” Pius asked

“The land is Committed Government acquisition” The Surveyor replied.

The Phone dropped from Pius’ hand. Hot tears began flowing freely from his eyes like a waterfall. It was then he knew that Kennedy’s own issue was an apprentice to the bigger issues ahead of him.

What would he say to Major Ojo Thompson who bought an acre from him in the same location?

Watch out next week Wednesday for Episode 6 of This Real Estate Series.

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