Be Like Kennedy: Episode 6

By Akomeno Ibagere (The Real Estate Explorer)

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Kennedy was restless that he could not sit in one place. He paced about his living room. He had not heard from Pius for the past two months. He had tried his lines but every time it was the same message “Not reachable or switched off”. He had tried calling Kenneth but he too seemed to be avoiding his calls. And even when he managed to pick his call, he would say he was busy and would call back. He never did.

What was going on? Could it be that Kenneth knew something he was not saying? Or has Pius absconded with his money? These and many other questions raced through his mind.

As he was trying to process the right answers for these questions he heard a loud banging on his door. He was startled. Who was that person banging his door like a maniac. He at first thought it was robbers but broke out of that thought. It was 10am on Saturday morning and he lived in a secured street with minimal robbery.

“Who is there?” Kennedy asked

“Open the damn door Kennedy”

He immediately knew who was at the door. Why was he banging the door so hard? As Kennedy opened the door, he felt a punch on his face that propelled him backwards and crashing to the floor.

“You are a very wicked fellow” he heard Kenneth screamed “Just because of a plot of land you got Pius arrested and threw him behind bars”

Kennedy could not believe what he just heard. He got up with his hands clutching his face. There was blood trickling down his face. He felt serious pains all over his face and his head was heavy. There was a deep cut just above his left eye. Kenneth had hit him so hard that he was badly injured. Kenneth used to be a boxer in his university days.

“Kenneth, why did you hit me?” Kennedy managed to ask

“I will do it again if you ask me that question. How can you sacrifice our friendship?”

He could see that Kenneth was really angry. Kennedy looked at Kenneth and walked to his bathroom to clean up. He had some first aid kit in his room.

Some minutes later he entered the living room with some plaster on his forehead.

“Kenneth, I have not heard from Pius for the past two months” Kennedy said in a shaky voice “I am looking for him and that is why I have been trying to contact you”.

“Then who got him arrested if not you?” Kenneth asked


Watch out next week for Episode 7 of This Real Estate Series.

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