Be Like Kennedy: Episode 7

A Real Estate Series

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It was a week later after the deadly punch from Kenneth that Kennedy finally got some relief. He was going to get his money back. He had just received a call from the Estate agent who told him that the Baale has agreed to refund his money to him in a week’s time. Later that day, Kennedy was at their usual relaxation spot donning a dark glasses to conceal the yet to be healed injury inflicted on him by his friend Kenneth. Kennedy had a delicate skin and injuries took time to heal.

He was celebrating the good news alone. He had not spoken to Kenneth after the incidence when they later found out that Pius was locked up by the strongest political chieftain in the neighborhood. Chief. Williams was a man everybody avoided because of his nefarious activities. He was deadly. He never forgave his enemies. He had strong contacts in the government and so he could do and undo.

According to the story from the grapevines, Pius had got involved with Wunmi, a damsel in the neighborhood that was also a love interest of the chief. The chief had sent some of his boys to warn Pius to stop his advances to the Wunmi so that she would listen to him but Pius had refused.  Pius had told the emissaries to tell the chief to face his four wives and leave Wunmi for him.

Chief Williams felt insulted and so developed a perfect plan that would keep Pius away from the girl until he had completely won her over. To the chief, all women wanted money and he had enough to give out. The chief knew that Pius was into the real estate business so sent his friends from the police station with an allegation that he sold a land with fake documents.

“To my future refund in a week’s time” Kennedy said as he raised his glass of wine. He was the only one on the table. He then directed the glass cup into his mouth and sipped from it. It tasted good. It was a taste of victory.

“Hello, Kennedy”

Kennedy heard the angelic voice and looked up. It was Wunmi.

“Hi Wunmi” Kennedy was surprised to see her. It was the first time they were going to talk.

“Kennedy, please I need a favor”

“Favor? What kind of favor? Kennedy asked

“I need you to help me beg Chief Williams to release Pius for me”

The glass cup dropped from Kennedy’s hand and crashed on the floor. He looked at Wunmi with fire in his eyes.

“Please just go. Go…Get out of my sight” Kennedy screamed as he slammed his hand on the table. He was really angry. She had just spoiled his celebration.

Kennedy watched as Wunmi scampered for safety. She wanted to re-open old wounds.

Watch out next week for Episode 8 of This Real Estate Series.

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