Buratai's BRUTAL Warning

By Desmond Ekwueme

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Excerpts of COAS, Lt. Gen Tukur Yusuf Buratai's speech while addressing the 39 newly decorated Major Generals

“Democracy has come to stay. We will not tolerate any agent of destabilization. The years of military misadventure in politics have never carried us anywhere. It is over.

“Do not hobnob with politicians. At this rank of two star generals, do not lobby for appointment. If you want to lobby for appointment, lobby the Chief of Army Staff and you can only do this through hard work, discipline and loyalty.

“The crop of officers (39 Major Generals) decorated will never be dragged into any interest that is contrary to the sustenance of democracy in our nation.

“All our eyes are on you. We know there are several moves to get your attention. You must make sure that whatever you are doing, and when some persons approach you, you must act within the confines of the constitution.”

“I am glad that we held the Spiritual Warfare Seminar on Wednesday and most of the decorated generals today are graduates of the Spiritual Warfare Seminar.

“I must say that the Spiritual Warfare Seminar we had last time, helped us during the last #EndSARS protest to the extent that there was no single corpse, but some persons were seeing double at Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos State.”

“We will continue to protect every law abiding Nigerian anywhere in the country and we will do that in accordance with the rules of engagement and confines of the constitution.”

“The next most important appointment after the Chief of Army Staff is that of the General Officers Commanding the divisions; the GOC must see himself as that repository of discipline, loyalty and regimentation. We shall work hard to ensure we improve the welfare of our troops.

“Towards this end, I am considering more empowerment to the GOCs to make sure that you (GOCs) administer and motivate your formations more effectively.

“There is more work to be done in the theatres of operation but by and large, I want to say there is tremendous improvement in countering insecurity. We must maintain our new tempo that is working. I believe that in the not too distant future the new strategies will be successful.”


Who are the politicians the newly decorated Generals must not hobnob with?

Who are those likely to approach the newly decorated Generals?

What are these several moves to get the attention of the newly decorated Generals?

If they are known...must we wait till something goes wrong before the COAS reacts?

If Buratai and other eyes are on the newly decorated Generals, does it not send signals that all is not well?

Anyway, those who have ears should just hear the "Brutal Warning" of the COAS. Yours Sincerely is just a bloody civilian (journalist) who knows nothing about the Army or military and their operations.

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