Can Imo North & Imo Now Know Peace?

By Desmond Ekwueme

Posted  387 Views updated 2 years ago

The Supreme Court on Friday declared Frank Ibezim the authentic candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the December 5, 2020 Senatorial by-election.

Recall that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) had declared the governing party, APC winner of the election without a candidate getting the Certificate of Return.

Senator Ifeanyi Araraume had gone to court to challenge the INEC result insisting that he was the candidate who should be seen as the party's flag bearer.

This has left a lacuna in the Senate as Imo North has no representative since the December 5, 2020 political empasse so to say.

With the Supreme Court verdict on Friday, observers think, peace can now reign as Ibezim will move into the Senate to assume duties.

Imo State in recent times has been at the mercy of Supreme Court judgements as elections no longer produce leaders at various levels of government in the state. Every election in the state is determined by court verdicts.

Perhaps for once, Imo State can begin to address or redress this ugly trend by ensuring that a winner is allowed to exercise his or her mandate given to him.or her by the people (electorate). The voice of the people is the voice of God. Politicians should stop manipulating electoral processes with their influence and fat purses against the will of the people. It doesn't give room for good governance as we have witnessed in the state in recent times.

It is a bad omen and precedents for courts to keep producing or declaring winners or leaders of the state after the people had made their rightful choice through the poll.

May be Araraume should give peace a chance by listening to the appeal of Ibezim who said, “I give God all the glory for my victory at the Supreme Court today. We need love in Imo North to make progress. Araraume is our big brother and a two time senator of the Federal republic. I need his support and experience to do well in the senate.

“Not just Araraume but all the opposition stakeholders in Imo North. We need peace for Imo North to move forward. Let us give peace a chance so that within these two remaining years, Imo North will record success.

“My victory is purely of God. Since I joined this race I anchored my trust in Him and today he didn’t fail me. The supreme Court and the judiciary have once again showed and displayed that it is the last hope of a common man. We give God all the glory.”

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