Chidinma: I Didn't Kill Michael

By Desmond Ekwueme

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•Excerpts of her latest statement in an exclusive interview with CRIME FIGHTERS posted on YouTube


"I was not much of a talker or associating with people. I was more on my own. I knew Michael (Late Ataga) through a girl that I know. She is a friend to his friend. She invited me out.

"I met her in a group where I was added randomly. That was where we got talking. When we were exchanging contacts, it was already late for me to go back home. So we decided let's go to your house.

"My house was on the Mainland. So it was late to go back home. So that was how we went home to his house at VGC. We had movies. We had drinks and we had smoke also.

"The next day morning I went home. Some weeks after we met again. He doesn't talk much about himself. He is quite busy like a busy person. I will say at some points, I got to know that he likes to carry girls. He smokes, he drinks and takes drugs also.

"So I don't know deep about him. His character. He gets angry easily. He has issue with his wife. His children are what tag him as a married man. He wasn't happily married. He was just more of catering for his kids.

"I can't remember some of his friends that I have met or remember their faces or names kind of. But I have met with people he says are his friends.


"I don't have three million in my bank account. I have like four hundred or five hundred thousand. Michael gave me laptop. He had two laptops. I told him I wanted laptop, so he gave me one...and that was what I sold to get the money.

"I was not doing much when I was with him. I was getting much from him than the ushering job. So there was no need doing the ushering. Ushering can be N15k, N20k. He gives more


"The apartment where he was, he said it was leaking. He was free and I too was free. So he said let's try and see. It was on a Sunday, on the 13 June. So I decided to check online about the shortlets.

"He said he didn't want hotel...that it will not be fun like been in the house or something. So that's when I decided to check for a shortlets. So I sent it to him and he said it was okay.

"Then he said I should go check the place out. So I checked it and it was okay. Then he made payment. He sent N105,000. That was for like four days. After I paid the money....So after like one hour he came.

"When he came, we went to get food. We went out to eat and also get drinks. We were just indoors watching movies, drinking, smoking. He woke up before me but I was still feeling sleepy and dizzy because of the smoke, drinks and drug.

"So he asked what and what I what we need. So I was like we need to buy food and drug...because the drug that we brought was already finished. He sent the money to the account while the other one he gave me the card because he was trying to make payment and it didn't go through. So he gave me the card.

"I didn't have access to his card but I know the pin code. Before I was leaving, he stood up to lock the door. But when I got in, I was there was no answer, I opened the door because it was slightly open and wasn't locked

"The duvet was on the floor plus pillows. The couch was facing the door and the bed was stained with blood already. And the floor where he was...was blood...and then music was on, the TV was on. The room was already disarranged like someone broke in. Then I saw him on the floor.

"I didn't know what to do. I took my things with his things and left. I was afraid....I didn't know if I had raised alarm they would have arrested me for doing it... because I and him were just the only people in the room. I just left.

"I was packing my things to leave then, I noticed that my cloth was stained. So I changed it to another. I took his bag that contained his ID and documents, bank statements. My bag was already on the floor. I met my bag on the floor...and then the stuff he was with was on the TV set. That's where the stuff I took was on. So I just packed them and put the nylon and left. I took his phone.

"The following week, I was home. Then i went out to withdraw some money from the ATM that I was with. I withdrew two hundred thousand.

"Before that day, on Tuesday, he already told me he was going to give me the money that I requested for.

"And when I came out and I was arrested and they were saying I made away with five million naira naira. There was no five million naira in the account.


"I just did it (withdrawing money and not informing the police). It's not like I had anything to do with his death. I never had nothing to do with his death.


"The lady that I rented the apartment from, I had to message her that she should please probably send the security guy to check on him....that I haven't seen and heard from him.


"The police came to my house and arrested me and took me to station.


"I didn't involve anybody. I don't know who must have come into the apartment. Definitely somebody did that but I don't know who that person is.

I don't know what happened when I left to buy the food. I don't know. Because of the thing I did by not alerting the police and also withdrawing money, I feel guilty of what happened. I did not kill him.

Knowing fully well that I did not kill him....but my doings, taking his money and not reporting the police. I believe that somebody knew where we were and then, waited till I left before they could enter.

"The pressure and when I was confronting the security guy and he was like no, nobody entered the apartment. That it was just me that entered the apartment...and knowing fully well what I did, I just took the blame on myself that since no one believes, let me just take it.

"No one is influencing my statement. I have not spoken to anybody, my relation or anybody. I have just been in there in the cell since."


Note, the police wonders why she is double speaking now especially after her initial statement during Press Conference when she was paraded. She had owned up to the crime. So why is she now denying. This writer doesn't blame the police for feeling so.

But a cousin to Late Michael Usifo Ataga thinks otherwise. He equally spoke with Crime Fighters in the same video where he said Chidinma alone couldn't have done the kind of damage he saw on the body of the deceased who he said had multiple stabs all over his body when his corpse was taken to Yaba mortuary.


Chidinma Before her arrest


Chidinma arrested


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