Day We Murdered Democracy

By Desmond Ekwueme

Posted  399 Views updated 2 years ago

The United States of America is presently going through another round of lecture on democracy....after a smooth practise of over 200 years.

Some critics say nothing last forever. Others say, there is a law of diminishing in life and anything....and that's what America is presently experiencing....Few others say, it's like the lesson of force of gravity....what goes up must come down.

In Ghana, the world witnessed most recently how the lawmakers lost control of their emotions on the floor of the chamber...and hell was let loose. The big question on every lip then becomes, IS DEMOCRACY UNDER THREAT?

Here in Nigeria, we have continued to stumble, stagger and even tumble in the course of building our democracy. It's being Topsy turvy...One step forward...a hundred steps backwards.

Experts are now changing their traditional or agelong views of assuming that America's democracy is the best. Thus, democracy appears to be better if home grown. Recent developments seem to prove that there is no best practise, approach or method to or of democracy.

Indeed, Nigeria killed her democracy on June 12, 1993 when the election of Late Bashorun MKO Abiola and his running late, Ambassador Babagana Kingibe was annulled by the Gen. Ibrahim Babangida regime.

Abiola and Kingibe ran on a Muslim-Muslim ticket yet garnered votes from across the country to win through a landslide victory.

Today, we are talking about a Muslim-Christian or Christian-Muslim ticket. Our body language has condemned any arrangement of a Muslim-Muslim or Christian-Christian ticket.

Ndigbo are even negotiating to take a shot at the presidency. These are all abnormalities in what mischief makers suggest is a true democratic system.

Since it seems democracy has no clear method of practise or operation, perhaps we have to seek our home grown style of democracy or best system of governance or government.

If we had insisted maintained and preserved the result of June 12, 1993 we would have set a record and standard for democracy and it's practise to the world. Perhaps we would be pointing the torchlight for the likes of America by now.

Like many critics would say, America to a large extent were involved in our failed attempt to hoist the real flag and true colours of democracy here in they are equally licking their wounds just like we licked ours some 29 years ago....and still licking though.


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