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December 4 – Today in African History (1996 – 2010)

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1996        Dec 4, In Zaire government troops went on a rampage of looting and raping in Kisangani. Rebels announced the capture of Kindu 250 miles south of Kisangani.

1997        Dec 4, In Liberia Samuel Dokie, an opposition politician, was found slain in Bong County with his wife and bodyguard. He had been reported missing after being arrested by security men in Pres. Taylor’s stronghold of Gbarnga.

1998        Dec 4, From Egypt it was reported that a new 3rd party, named “Wasat" or middle party, was emerging. It was an alternative to the fundamentalist Islamic regime and the secular state.

2000        Dec 4, In the Ivory Coast protestors clashed with riot police in Abidjan. The city was paralyzed and least 2 people were killed.

2001        Dec 4, In South Africa Marike de Klerk (64), former wife of former Pres. F.W. de Klerk, was found stabbed and strangled in her luxury apartment near Cape Town. Police arrested Luyanda Mboniswa (21), a security guard, on Dec 5. The guard confessed Dec 7. In 2003 DNA evidence linked him to the murder.

2001        Dec 4, The Zimbabwe high court reversed a previous decision and ruled that seizures of white-owned farms are legal. Pres. Mugabe had expanded the court and replaced many of the justices.

2003        Dec 4, Congo health officials were investigating the poison deaths of 64 people, allegedly from a potion used to ward off evil spirits. A Roman Catholic priest, who allegedly administered the drink, fled the village of Bosobe early last week after people started falling ill.

2003        Dec 4, In Kisumu, Kenya, Tommy Thompson, US Sec. of Health and Human Services, dedicated a new $6.4 million field laboratory to be operated by the CDC. It was the largest of its kind in Africa. The local TB and malaria rates were among the highest in the world.

2004        Dec 4, Zimbabwe's ruling party elected longtime cabinet minister Joyce Mujuru as the country's first woman vice-president at the end of a party congress, putting her on course to succeed Mugabe when he eventually retires in 2008.

2005        Dec 4, In Mali at a weekend Franco-African summit President Jacques Chirac called upon the US to remove the subsidies to their cotton producers. Chirac also urged rich countries to double development aid, as African leaders warned tackling poverty was crucial to stem a growing tide of illegal immigration.

2006        Dec 4, Egypt’s Interior Ministry said police had arrested an American, 11 Europeans and several others from Arab countries for allegedly plotting terrorist attacks in Middle Eastern countries including Iraq.

2006        Dec 4, In Sudan militias entered El Fasher, the main town in the Darfur region and started looting the market. Militias there fought members of a former rebel group in clashes which the rebels said left up to seven people dead.

2007        Dec 4, In southern Nigeria pirates attacked a vessel operated by oil major ExxonMobil in the Niger Delta, killing a crew member and injuring another.

2008        Dec 4, In Somalia 20 men and women graduated from medical school in Mogadishu, something that nobody in Somalia has done in nearly two decades.

2009        Dec 4, A leading Ethiopian newspaper said it had closed down as a result of months of government "persecution and harassment" against its staff. The weekly Addis Neger newspaper, often critical of government policies, published its last edition on Dec 5 before some of its staff fled the country for fear of arrest.

2010        Dec 4, Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo was sworn in for a new term even though the UN and world leaders maintain his opponent won the disputed election, which was the West African nation's first since a civil war.

2010        Dec 4, It was reported that South African gangsters were stealing supplies of the antiretroviral drug Stocrin. They were mixing it with cannabis, rat poison and some other ingredients to make a lethal new drug called whoonga (wunga), used to produce a cheap high.


Photo Credit: Holden Safaris

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