Determination: Follow the G.I Jane Model to Excel

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A lot of us start a business or a career but drop off because we believe that it is too difficult and then we jump into another business because we will feel it is easier.  There is no business that involves make money that is easy. G.I Jane is a 1997 American action drama film featuring Demi Moore and Virgo Mortensen. The plot was about the first woman Lieutenant Jordan O’Neil to survive the strenuous trainings for a unit that was male dominated and similar to the Navy Seals. It was an 8 weeks tedious training which saw lots of the participants give up and drop out by the third week. Irrespective of all odds, obstacles and the fact that those who sent her for the training wanted her to fail she still scaled through.

 Lt. Jordan knew her short-comings and so had to work harder than the others. She had to put in more efforts and hours by training behind the scene. She had to work on herself both mentally and physically.

In order for you to excel in that new business or career you need to be determined. You need to go beyond your limits. It is in the times of obstacles that our greatest talents are revealed. You need to start studying and putting more time in that venture. Lt. Jordan O’Neil failed several times but she did not give up. She made mistakes but she did not keep those mistakes with her after learning from them. She continued to devise newer and better means of getting things done.

As an entrepreneur, determination should be your driving force. You have been in business and you are not making sales, quitting should not be an option. It is not a spiritual problem. Success is the other side of failure; so have the courage to move further.

Sacrifice is the price a person pays for success. Lt. Jordan sacrificed her time to work harder while her colleagues were playing, watching move etc. She was pushing herself to become better. Wealth is not a MIRACLE; it must be either be earned or created. Successful people know that life is time and time is money. They do not waste it but maximize it. Listen to Mike Okri’s song “Time na money”.

What are you doing with your time? Have you sat down to look at what you are doing wrong? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same result is like dipping a sponge in water and expecting it to retain a large amount of water. Why not try something different from what others are doing? You have made some mistakes in the past; it is fine because inside every mistake is a gem of wisdom.

According to the president Macron of France, he said “No one can craft your future for you. Only you can.” This is the time to start sacrificing for your future. Associate with people that can expand you and not people that will pity you. Seek for mentors. Study more on how to move forward. To be a success in business – Be Daring, Be First and Be Different. Change your thoughts and you will change your world.

Be determined today and quitting should never be the option.

G.I Jane in training


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