By Desmond Ekwueme

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It has come to my notice that mischief makers and greedy so called football agents, scouts and players representatives in alliance with some persons in the NFF are at work...and they may ruin the career of Anayo Iwuala of Enyimba Int'l FC.

I scooped that some of these selfish agents had swooped on the 21-year old as soon as he had his debut with the Super Eagles in Port Novo against Squirrels of Benin Republic and sealed a solid performance with yet another scintillating display against Lesotho in Lagos three days after.

While some of the agents are luring the boy to move to unnamed clubs in North Africa, two other agents are bent on taking him to South Africa while the rest are sweet-talking the boy to follow them to Azerbaijan or Belarus in Europe.

I dare ask, why do these people wish or want to ruin this boy's career? If you so believe in the boy and you are that connected why wait till he featured for Super Eagles before making moves to take him to wherever? If your interest in him is geniune why didn't you do this while he had not played for the national team?

Please if you cannot secure a deal for the boy in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Ukraine or Turkey where he can start up confidently and improve to attract attention from the big European Leagues, kindly leave the boy alone.

He could as well remain in Enyimba for one more season to get the interests of clubs in the top leagues once Gernot Rohr keeps using him....Yes, since playing in the national team is the major criteria for him to attract and secure foreign offers.

Why rush the boy to North Africa or South Africa? How many of Nigerian players in both regions of the continent have exploded to move to Europe in recent time or lately?

Yes, the whole idea is to convince the boy with calculators to convert his proposed earnings from dollars or euros into naira. Of course, like others, he may fall for the trap when he sees eight or more figures as his likely earnings in naira. But it doesn't end there.

They equally tell the chap stories like, you don't know when next offers like these may come your way. You can't tell with injuries. You may even lose form and that would be the end.

Someone reasonable should rush to this boy's aid. He needs help before these agents rush him out of the country and rush him back with tales by moonlight.

This lad needs to be well adviced. He needs to be protected. He needs wise counselling. He must be set free from the shackles of these unscrupulous agents. At the moment he is the face of the NPFL and that should make some sense and meanings to stakeholders of the domestic game especially the likes of Felix Anyansi Age the chairman of Enyimba Int'l FC who is experience in issues of this nature.

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