By Desmond Ekwueme

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It is sad to note that the Governors of the South East had to wait for hell to be let loose and terror unleashed on the region before their act of desperation in establishing EBUBE-AGU, the security outfit to coordinate the efforts of the vigilante groups across the region.

The governors had to wait till insecurity cost some police chiefs including the Inspector General of Police his job before they acted. Indeed, failing to plan is tantamount to planning to fail.

While their South West counterparts were proactive by setting up AMOTEKUN and the Northern governors came up with Northern Nigeria Security Initiative codenamed SHEGE KA FASA and HISBAH, the governors of the South East were busy politicising the issue and paying lip-service to a serious matter like insecurity which enveloped the country and has increased in the last one year.

It wasn't for nothing that the South West governors swoop into action by pulling resources together to fund Amotekun as a full fledge security outfit to help the efforts of other security agencies to flush out criminals and bandits carrying out nefarious acts like kidnappings among others in the region.

From Enugu to Ebonyi to Anambra down to Imo and Abia, nowhere is safe. All five states have been under what security experts tagged siege in the last six months. But in the past four weeks over 120 deaths have been recorded across the zone.

It has been one attack after another leaving scores wounded and many homeless. Houses are razed. Farmlands have been deserted....And the blame game continued.

Perhaps it was the troubles in Imo State that eventually led to the crucial meeting of the governors who decided to float EBUBE-AGU. From jailbreak to setting a police station ablaze to the kidnapping of a traditional ruler and his cabinet chiefs who just attended a wedding ceremony....it has been tales of sorrows, tears and blood in Imo.

The rising security challenges in Imo State if not checked could spill to other States in the region especially when one considers the stupid blame game, buck passing and theories of doom as regards those alleged to be behind the criminal acts especially in Imo.

Now push has come to shove, the governors are reacting belatedly...instead of being proactive. They are in the defence instead of being in the attack. They would have nipped this disaster in the bud if, they had toed the paths of their South West counterparts.

It is sad that in the face of the huge security votes the governors get monthly they still folded their arms to watch the region being thrown into crisis and a sort of battlefield between the security operatives who critics opine have compromised and the criminal or better-still bandits.

So where do we go from here? What will or can EBUBE-AGU do given the situation on ground and circumstances leading to it's creation?

If we go by it's codename EBUBE-AGU, the FEAR OF THE TIGER, it is expected that the security outfit should scare, sweep and chase the criminals out of the region. But if politics is equally considered then, one can only cross his or her fingers to watch as things pan out or events unfold.

By politics we should be looking at scenarios or stories like the OPC 3, Amotekun, the arrested bandits cum kidnappers and the police in the South West. We know how that drama ended especially with the involvement of the police.

We wait to see how the presence of the Tiger (AGU) and it's fear (EBUBE) will combine to restore security and sanity in the South East.


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