Hot Deals : Beat up Our Daughter Again and Get two Free Beatings.

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I have been seeing promos on products like buy two and get one free but never have I heard about promos on beating. This was the new kind of promo a man known to be beast to his wife got when his in-laws came to his house. Mr. Emmanuel was known on the street as a beast to his wife. He was not only tormenting her physically but also mentally by using abusive and degrading words on her.

It was only on the neighbors on the street that knew that Mrs. Emmanuel was been beating on a weekly basis. Her family never knew that she was in an abusive marriage until when she visited them and was hugged by an aunt. Her reaction showed that she felt some pains. It was her aunt who alerted her mother on what she noticed. After so interrogation from her parents and forced to take off her dress that they noticed the bruises. She then told them about how he normally used an electric cable wire on her whenever they had arguments concerning his drinking habits and womanizing.

Mrs. Emmanuel’s father picked up his phone to call her husband but her uncle Jonah insisted he had a better plan. Uncle Jonah called all the youths in their family between the ages of 17 to 30 years. They moved to Mr. Emmanuel’s house. Mr. Emmanuel did not expect the first punch on his face as he opened the door. Before he could process what was happening, boys have entered his house and pounced on him. Punches, slaps and kicks were all over him. He kept on screaming for help but it did not come. So he resorted to begging for his life.

Uncle Jonah stopped the beating when he knew that he had received enough beating. At this stage, Mr. Emmanuel was pulled up from the floor and made to sit down. His whole face was swollen with blood all over his body. He tried to say something but his lower lips was torn. Uncle Jonah then said to him “Mr. Emmanuel, beat our daughter again and get two free beatings.” With that statement they left the house.

Ever since that day, Mr. Emmanuel became a very loving husband and whenever his wife misbehaves, he will always contact his in-laws to report her.

At times, talking does not do anything men who have become beasts. Give them some beatings too so that they will suffer from the pains and traumas they inflict on their spouses. Beatings in some ways help to reset the brain to factory default – the time when he was still a human and has not become a beast.

Most times, the women due to fear of the unknown or saying they don’t have anywhere to go remain in these abusive marriages. They will not inform their families and will stay there till they are killed. Speak out when you notice and start experiencing such cruelty.

Don’t remain in bondage.

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