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A client can call you to ask on behalf of a friend who had bought earlier from someone else on certain things that the consultant is not sensible enough to provide. Your client called you because he has trusted you and may refer his own friend to you for future deals.

I was at an estate with a client for an inspection. After closing the deal, he called another of his friend to tell him about buying a land in phase 2 and the friend told him that she bought in phase 1 but has been asking the consultant who sold to her when is the allocation. I was there and my client asked me and I immediately furnished him with the answer which he told his friend that I gave to him. If she wants to buy next she may contact her friend to buy through me as he put in some good words for me.

How did I get to know about the allocation?


I was at the company's office and I saw the information on the notice board and took note. You must be sensitive and observant. Don't go to offices and be taking selfies that will not add food to your table. Ask questions. It is important, know things.

2. How you say it can make your prospects to fall in love with your mind.

The tongue is the pen of the heart. As consultants, we must learn how to speak, chat or write to prospects/clients.  A lot of us don't really know how to chat with someone on social platforms. We just go on using shorthand pattern. When you are chatting with a prospect or client, make sure you apply the same courtesy you will normally add when you chat with them in the physical space. Make the chat as professional as possible.

Stop using words like "lol" "Idk" "Uw" etc. You are not chatting with a friend unless you are familiar with the person. It is a business chat... Be professional in the way you communicate via social platforms.

3. Actions

Your ATTITUDE, not APTITUDE will determine your ALTITUDE. The kind of moves you make, will make a prospect fall in love with your mind. One of my client said " Kome I bought from you because of your action-oriented mindset" and I asked how. He said you have been to all the estates. You are always moving. You must make moves in your business. I don't take a client to any estate I have not been to. There are times I go for inspections on my own to an estate I have been to before. The reason is because I want to see the recent developments and such are the things I speak with my prospects about. I give them latest updates.

Our attitude towards this business is what is making a lot of us not getting one person to know that they are in the business.I have disciplined and programmed myself not to be late for any appointment. If you tell me 9am to meet you at ABIJO or Eleko, I will be there by 8:45am.

My clients know me for keeping to time and they love that aspect of me. You must be proactive in this business. There are a lot of consultants in this group that has never been to any of the Estates before or in the past few months.

It is through the evidence of your actions that your prospects will get updates about a place. To those agents who will just be posting any estate that they see without visiting them and you are in this Lagos, you are doing yourself more harm than good. As for those outside Lagos or abroad, make sure you have an upline who will do the field work for you.

4. Exceptional Customer Service.

Your client has paid and then you abandon him to his fate because you have received commission? There is what we call after sales service. When you go the extra mile to help your clients get their receipts and other documents you have captured them.


Extend your services up to allocation for them and you did be surprised that when it's time for development you will end up becoming their project manager because they trust you and have fallen in love with your mind.  So let's begin to work on our mindset. It is never too late to be what you might have been.

And in all you do, make sure you involve God. Involving God does not mean you will fold your hands and do nothing but be praying every day. The Bible says those who do not work will not eat.


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