How Woman Lost Husband to House Help

Marital Concerns

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Mrs. Nkechi (Not real names) had brought Chinenye from the village as a maid to assist her in the house chores. Mrs. Nkechi’s husband had opened a new business outfit to sell bags of flour in large quantity. Due to the demanding pressure of the business Mrs. Nkechi was always at the shop and so had no time to take care of the home so had to bring Onyinye from the village to handle her chores.

Onyinye was a young girl who was well endowed for her age. She was good at her work and took care of the house chores that Mrs. Nkechi sang her praises and even increased her salary in less than five months of staying with the family. She started buying clothes for her to make her look good. Business was booming and Mrs. Nkechi was not concerned about the home front because she believed that it was in good hands. Her husband Mr. Nkem was also a very busy and wealthy business man who hardly comes home. He was always on the move.

Not too long, news started filtering into Mrs.Nkechi’s eyes that her husband was sleeping with her house help. At first she did not believe because her husband was not always around and hardly come home. So she decided to investigate further. She started to watch Onyinye closely but she could not find anything that would cause suspicion. Then she moved to investigate her husband. One day she told her husband that she would be traveling to the village for three days.

On that day she left for the park early but only to lodge in a hotel near her house. She watched as her husband drove out in the morning from a corner on her street. Some hours later, he drove back to the house. It was very unusual.  30 minutes later, she saw the car drive out with Onyinye inside the car. She quickly boarded a taxi and followed them. She was surprised when she saw Onyinye come out of her husband’s car in a skimpy dress. They both went inside and after an hour came out of the hotel and drove out.

Mrs. Nkechi went back home to wait for them. As they drove into the premises after another hour had passed, Mrs. Nkechi walked out of the house to meet them. A serious quarrel ensued between her and Mr.Nkem who in anger stormed out of the house. Mrs. Nkem then dragged Onyinye to the police station. She told the DPO that her husband was sleeping with their underage house help who was just 15 years.

Later in the day, Mr. Nkem appeared at the station. He dropped a cash of N50, 000 on the desk of the DPO and called the Investigating Police Officer and gave him N30, 000. He gave the DPO another N50, 000 to share to the officers. He told the DPO that Onyinye was 19 years whom he brought to the city as his new wife. The DPO then ordered that Onyinye be allowed to go with Mr.Nkem and all charges dropped.

This was two months ago. Mrs. Nkem has been going to the police station to help beg her husband to accept her back as his wife because he had since thrown her out of the house. According to her, her in-laws are in support of her husband who has bought them over.

Who is to blame and what is the way forward?

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