Igboho The News Maker

By Desmond Ekwueme

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Once in a while, someone just makes news. He or she emerges like a bolt out of the Blues. It could be for good or for bad or even for worst.

It is either he or she is after something or something is after him or her. Perhaps he or she is just a defiant attempting to change or protest a rule, law or regulation of government.

He or she may be an activist trying to bring people's attention to the ill(s) of government with the mindset of making a change for the better.

At times he or she comes as a mouthpiece of his or her people either on the lining of ethnic cry of marginalization or religious intolerance or outrage.

He or she may as well be playing a professional or career tune to attract attention and voices of many. He or she could be fighting for the right(s) of his or her profession or colleagues.

But in all, they are newsmaker. They just spring up by one act of decency or indecency. They immediately become sought after by newsmen. The world wants to see or hear from them. They become relevant from their irrelevant position over the years.

A certain Sunday Adeyemo aka Igboho who has ordered the herdsmen to leave South West forest is the new news maker.

He made a video which has gone viral. He taunted the government to dare arrest him. He insisted that he won't fold his arms and allow his region to be rundown by herders threatening to sack farmers and even kidnapping and killing people in Ibarapa North LGA of Oyo State.

Government has frowned at this video and statement. The body language of government suggests that he must be apprehended before he unleashes mayhem or causes havoc with his growing number of followers.

More newsmakers will keep springing up for as long as life goes on. We once heard the likes of the following....


He is the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) who has since fled the country after operation Python Dance was declared on his group by the military.


He is the militia leader in Benue State who was killed by Military Special Forces after he was granted Amnesty.


Ibrahim Yaqoub El Zakzaky is an imprisoned outspoken and prominent Shi'a Muslim leader in Nigeria. He is the head of Nigeria's

Islamic Movement, which he founded in the late 1970s, when a student at Ahmadu Bello University , and began propagating Shia Islam around 1979.

Zakzaky believed that the establishment of a republic along similar religious lines in Nigeria would be feasible. He has been detained several times due to accusations of civil disobedience or recalcitrance under military regimes in Nigeria during the 1980s and 1990s, and is still viewed with suspicion or as a threat by Nigerian authorities. In December 2015, the Nigerian Army raided his residence in Zaria, seriously injured him, and killed hundreds of his followers; since then, he has remained under state detention in the nation's capital pending his release, which was ordered in late 2016.

Will Sunday Igboho end up like the few newsmakers list above who we once had? Time will tell. But it is very pertinent to warn that we (Nigerians) should be careful to avoid a looming danger and crisis.

It is getting clearer that foreigners who destroyed their own country under the umbrella of extremism, religious intolerance and terrorism are finding their ways into Nigeria. Their countries are in ruins and they flee to Nigeria to continue the carnage.

It is still unclear how they troop into our country as if we don't have immigration and security personnel manning our borders. It is unimaginable how we open our borders wide to allow the influx of these people who seem to hide under the excuse of herdsmen to carry out their mindless killings.

No Nigerian irrespective of his or her position, religion or ethnic affinity should fan the embers of war or anarchy. But for those bent on causing mayhem, the God of Nigeria will expose them individually and collectively.







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