Incoming IGP And The Ridiculous IGBO Consideration

By Desmond Ekwueme

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From.the grapevine comes the story that the presidency may be "searching" for an Igbo police officer to replace the outgoing Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu.

Critics suggest that the presidency may be bowing to pressure and public outcry given what many have tagged marginalisation of the South East in the lopsided appointments of President Muhammadu Buhari since 2015.

Ridiculous, isn't it? Yes, I say it is absurd because I doubt the story given the body language of the presidency on matters of this nature.

But I dare ask, What would the appointment of an Igbo man as IGP do to the psyche of a people once described as "conquered"? What value will such appointment add to their existence? Will it change anything? Haven't they seen enough? Haven't they accepted their fate?

According to the Police Service Act 2020, the New IGP will come from among the senior officers within the ranks of DIG and AIGs....The present IGP will retire on February 1, 2021 having put in 35 years.

There are about 10 DIGs while the remaining 28 are AIGs.

If an AIG is appointed, all the other DIGs must go on compulsory retirement.

However, this reporter scooped that the eligible DIGs are Sanusi Lemu, Usman Baba, David Folayiwo, Joseph Egbunike and Moses Jitoboh.

The AIGs are Garba Umar, Bello Sadiq, Illiyasu Ahmed, Dibal Yakadi, Zaki Ahmed, HH Karma, Baba Tijjani, Hafiz Inuwa, Lawal Ado, Austin Abonlahor and Isaac Akinmoyede.

Others are Dan Bature, Awuna Donald, Uba Kura, Johnson Kokumo, Zana Ibrahim, Murtala Usman, Maurice Abimbola, Bala Zama, Basen Dapiya, Haruna Mshelia, Aishatu Abubakar, Garba Umar, Aminu Pai, Gwandu Abubakar Omolulu Bishi, Ajani Olasupo and Dasuki Galadanci.

The president will choose one amongst the eligible senior officers to replace the outgoing IGP.

From the list of DIGs and AIGs both eligible and otherwise, Joseph Egbunike is the only Igbo. He is of the accounts and finance section of the force even as he holds a degree in Law, a Master's degree in Law and a PhD in Criminology.

He has put in about 26 years in the service thus, he has nine years to go as stipulated by the Police Service Act. Officers are either retired at age 60 or after putting in 35 years in service.

In all, it doesn't make any sense discussing or debating the likelihood of appointing an Igbo man as IGP. It is derogatory and demeaning. It is like debating on IGBO PRESIDENCY as if suggesting that the people of South East are second class or third class citizens in their own country.

While we await Mr. President's decision, those making mockery of Igbo through this discussion as it were should stop it. It does not make you a better person or people neither does it raise the dignity of the Igbo.

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