Is Clubhouse Pushing Facebook & WhatsApp Out of Social Platforms?

The Audio App taking over this generation.

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The social platform app called Clubhouse has gained grounds in the recent times. This audio app was first launched on iPhone and just like back in the days of Blackberry it was only on iPhone. The social media hype of Clubhouse made a lot of people to drop their smartphones for iPhone. In Nigeria, those on clubhouse made others felt sad. It was as if they were not part of the social media universe.

With Clubhouse now on android smartphones, the game has changed. A lot of youths now spend more time on Clubhouse than on Facebook and even Whatsapp. The unique concept of Clubhouse is the ability for users to speak to one another in a different rooms. Clubhouse is designed to infuse reality. It is an audio app. Unlike WhatsApp where it is more of use of text to chat in a group, Clubhouse is audio which makes it more realistic and brings a room to life. 

Clubhouse is an upgraded version of other sites like dating sites where you go into different rooms but the good thing with clubhouse is that everyone can speak at ago. On Clubhouse, you get the feeling of physical presence without the person appearing in front of you.

There is also private chat facilities between you and anybody in the room. However, the Clubhouse app is not yet upgraded in such a way that you can speak to a user privately the way you can send a private message. 

Clubhouse seems to be the app of the moment as more and more people are joining the clubhouse platform. There are so many rooms in the hallway that you can join ranging from Business, training, hangouts,hookups, games, networking etc. There is a room for everyone.

Facebook needs to up their game in order to remain relevant to this generation. With the hacking of accounts on Facebook a lot of people are beginning to leave the platform in Nigeria, Telegram which is similar to WhatsApp has gained more grounds because of its accomodative feature when it comes to transfer of files and the number of participants in a group.

Will the Facebook Team come up with unique features to battle Clubhouse or just go ahead to buy the app the way they acquired WhatsApp and Instagram?

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