Let Pero Adeniyi Be

By Desmond Ekwueme

Posted  691 Views updated 2 years ago

Since news of the faceoff between 2Baba and Annie Idibia broke out, tongues have been wagging with different opinions and positions taken by commentators.

Some have lambasted Annie for taking to the social media to cast aspersions on her husband and members of his family.

Many others who sympathise with Annie have taken Pero Adeniyi to the cleaners for being the catalyst of a feared divorce situation.

Methinks, talking about Pero Adeniyi and accusing her of igniting the squabble between 2Baba and Annie Idibia is unfortunate and simply stoking the fire of disunity in this family.

People should just let this lady be. Yes, she is one of the "Baby Mamas" of 2Baba. But she is not proud to be so addressed or described. I don't think she is happy that all these are tied around her and her name.

People should not forget that this lady is equally the mother of 2Baba's three children (Ehi, Justin and Innocent).

These children are growing up and they won't be happy to hear or see or be hearing and seeing their mother been so dehumanised by this talk of trying to break the home of their father which they equally belong.

People shouldn't forget that 2Baba's first son and daughter are from Pero. She is therefore no stranger to 2Baba's household which her children belong.

Pero didn't throw herself at 2Baba....not on three different occasions....and if she did, she doesn't seem to be desperate else she would have constituted a problem when 2Baba decided to take Annie to the altar.

She is living in the United States of America and not bearing the surname, Idibia...rather she bears her surname, Adeniyi. This confirms her as a single mother.

But she cannot be wished away from the life of 2Baba even if there are no string of love attached anymore in their relationship.

She remains the mother of Ehi, Justin and Innocent who are children of 2Baba. This means she still holds the right to see or visit her children if they're staying with their father....just as their father has the right to visit them if they're staying with their mother, Pero.

This situation therefore calls for understanding from Annie who already know this before she wedded 2Baba.

Some things should be left the way they are for peace to reign. If Annie isn't aware of Pero and 2Baba's relationship from day one, it would have been a different issue entirely.

But in this case she knows and few years ago, 2Baba even made peace between both which ensured that Pero's children stay with Annie. So what are we talking about?

Why don't we allow the sleeping dog to lie. We should tell Annie the truth. She should just try to live with the reality of accommodating Pero's seeming or perceived excesses especially considering the fact that she has children for 2Baba.

This should not lead to anything near divorce especially as Pero is not attempting in anyways to move into 2Baba's home or make him.breaup with Annie.

Enough said.


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