MADRID was a Hazardous Move

By Desmond Ekwueme

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If only Eden Hazard saw tomorrow. If only he knew the fate that awaited him at Real Madrid. If only he knew that Real Madrid won't be Chelsea perhaps he would have remained at Stamford Bridge.

At Chelsea he was a king. He was the lifewire of the club. Manager after manager, the team was built around him. He dictated the pace of every game...and once he is in-form and or comes to the party, the team shines...and if he is dip in form, the team struggles.

Week in, week out, many fans came to Stamford Bridge just to watch him play. Little wonder he drew tears from the eyes of many when he was leaving.

To many, his exit was literally the end of the club. There was no replacement for him. No one could fit into his large shoes. Some fans wondered why Roman Abrahamomic would let him go.

The club owner couldn't have stopped a player who is or was desperate to win the Champions League after winning the Europa League. The hunger for UCL trophy, better pay and Galactico treatment landed him in Real Madrid.

But as soon as he left Stamford Bridge, Chelsea tried to pick up their pieces especially with the two-year ban by UEFA on players recruitment. It was time to recall loanees and to draft youth team players into the main team. It was a tough period for Chelsea.

Perhaps, Hazard may be saying in his heart, "Thank God, I left at the time I did otherwise I would have carried the burden of the team on my shoulders again without big name players to help me."

On arrival at Real Madrid his struggle started. Aside being unable to lift the UCL, he has been battling with injuries which have reduced his appearance and dimmed his sparkle.

Before his move out of Chelsea, he was among the top five (5) most valued players on the planet but the same cannot be said since he arrived Madrid.

His latest injury will shut him out for another one month or more. By the time he will be returning, it may be towards the end of the season and Zinedine Zidane may not want to risk fielding or using him. This simply means he would be returning fully next season.

Indeed, this is not the way Hazard wanted to stay, live and play for Real Madrid. With doctors stating that a third operation on his leg could probably spell doom, it is just a matter of time for the Belgian national team captain to say goodbye to the sport except the extraordinary happens.

Wishing Hazard a speedy recovery and the very best


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