Mane's Example

By Desmond Ekwueme

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Recently, Liverpool and Senegal forward, Sadio Mane paid a courtesy call on his country's President, Macky Sall.

The visit by the footballer was to discuss his plans to build a specialist hospital in Dakar.

While millions have been commending the player for this gesture of giving back to the society, Yours Sincerely looks at how internationals should position themselves through their careers to elevate their society and indeed their chosen profession.

Here in Nigeria only a few player have followed this path of honour by thinking of what they can do for or give back to the society. For many here, it has always been what can the society give me or do for me?

The same society which gave you the leeway to fulfil your dream. The same society which gave you the platform to display your talent...and the same society which supported and celebrated you to rise to stardom.

Yes, many may argue that our leaders are not creating the enabling environment for these Internationals or ex-internationals to give back....More so, shortchanging the internationals while they serve is a clear way of discouraging them...knowing that those saddle with the responsibilities of supervising or overseeing sports rake in millions of why should they give back?

This argument sounds reasonable but the internationals or ex-internationals must understand that when they give back, they are helping or assisting the less privileged who are talented to rise and shine like them.

Sadly, you see ex-internationals here queueing behind politicians during elections on the podium to campaign. Recently, a state Governor hosted some ex-internationals of the 94 and 98 classes as part of his campaign strategies and plans for 2023.

Internationals or ex-internationals should build their careers and personalities to attract honour not to seek or curry favour.

Sadio Mane has shown a good example of someone who wants to lead in future. Not necessarily to be president or governor but someone of great influence and significance in his country and the continent at large.

We have seen internationals and ex-internationals of African stock who chose European nationalities come to their roots to establish a project that touches the lives of millions.

A leader makes another. If you're an international or giving back you're having a way for another talent to manifest.

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