Mexico 4-0 Nigeria...So What?

By Desmond Ekwueme

Posted  239 Views updated 2 years ago

Some mischief makers and haters of the NPFL and it's players have started hurling stones at the team for losing 4-0 to a better prepared Mexican side in the international friendly played in America.

The critics are trying to justify the reason behind Gernot Rohr's deep hatred for our domestic players, for ignoring them and not willing to integrate them fully into his plans and team since six years that he has been on the job.

When you fail to prepare or plan, you are preparing or planning to fail.

You cannot just wake up one morning and draw up a list of players who are not psychologically or mentally prepared for an international assignment by way of early notice or information and drag them to America for a game.

Most of these players you have never called up. They have never been considered good enough for the national team by the coach.

The boys already knew that they were not in the plans of the NFF or Gernot Rohr for this game but got this emergency invitation because the foreign-based players won't be available for the fixture.

If these boys have their ways, they will not agreed to be part of this trip to America. They would call the bluff of anyone given the poor treatment and rejection from Rohr in the last six years. But the boys have no choice.

They just have to embrace the invitation cum assignment. They needed the experience and exposure even if it would be for the last time. Some of them hadn't travel for the first time all their lives. So this was an opportunity that shouldn't pass them by.

The fact that Rohr was initially excluded from this game before the last minute consideration that he should be part of the trip speaks volumes and has a negative impact of the players mentally.

They knew that Rohr had no hand in their invitation. Inside of him, he has no plan for them except for one or two players like Anayo Iwuala. Rohr doesn't know most of them. He has never seen most of them play before. It was a set of different coaches led by Austin Eguavoen who drew up the list.

The whole arrangement of this game was just to negatively expose these boys and rub it in after the defeat why Rohr must insist on his "Tokunbo Eagles."

No fair assessor would be expecting a hurriedly arranged team with players from a league condemned by the national team coach to perform any miracle.

These boys should not be condemned. If they were better prepared and had been with the main team all the while, the result of this friendly would have been different and better.

The NFF should stop Rohr's attitude towards our domestic league and players. He should integrate them fully into his plans.

This fire-brigade approach of invitation should stop. It is either you want the boys or you don't. You shouldn't see them as use and dump. They are not spare or extra tyres. They are professionals who should be so treated.


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