N400 Billion Vaccine: A Shame to Nigerian Scientists

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Nigeria has already been known for “Initial Gra Gra” all over the world. They are known to be good starters but poor finishers. It is no longer news that the Nigerian government is set to dole out N400 billion for the Covid-19 vaccine that needs -70C to store it.

The question is why are we so desperate for this vaccine when we have managed our situation better than other countries?

Nigeria has less than 2000 deaths yet we are at the fore front to acquire a vaccine that more needed in other countries with higher deaths. The Corona virus is from the Flu family and Flu has never been a serious threat to Nigerians. The number of people with the virus outside are more than the number they quote and a lot of people have recovered without knowing that it was covid-19.

When the virus first hit the country, our scientists went into action and promised us that the cure and vaccine will be out in no time. Like a flash in a pan, all the promises and assurances has disappeared. Everybody including the promoters of the Naija vaccine has looked elsewhere. The talk has gone with the wind as usual. Today, what we are hearing is that the government needs N400 billion naira to get a vaccine made by other serious countries.

Why can’t we develop our own vaccines? Why must we wait for other countries to develop the one that we will use? We have the natural plants and herbs that we can use but no way, we are waiting for the solution providers.

We have professors in the science field but yet we can’t even produce a drug that will help ourselves.  All our so-called scientists and professors know to acquire academic titles with no inventions to their name. A lot of Nigerian professors in the scientific fields are more theory-based than practical based. It is only a few of them that spend their money to go for research and trainings. It is the same disease that has held professionals in other fields captive that is affecting those in the academic fields -The Paper Certificate disease. All we want is the paper certificate and title attached and never the knowledge behind the certificate.

Nigerian lecturers were at loggerheads with the government for almost year over issues and agreements that schools were shut. Now the strike is over and our lecturers are not ready to go back because of the second wave of Covid-19. Won’t this be the right opportunity to prove to the world that they are more than capable in putting an end to this pandemic since they have the resources and the best brains?

A lot of innovations we see today were developed by students in the higher institutions. Nigeria does not need to spend such an amount for a vaccine that we can produce to work better for us if we put ourselves to work. The amount can be used to better the life of her citizens and improve health standards in this country.

Covid-19 is real, Keep safe and follow the necessary precautions.



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