Nigeria’s Future: The path chosen by this new generation

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Nigeria as a country is heading into another phase as this set of generation that have been at the helm of affairs are beginning to change addresses from this world into another place of existence. In as much as they are fixing up their own cronies to continue from where they stopped, they are not as powerful as their predecessors. An example is Bukola Saraki. If his father were to be alive irrespective of what he did to him, no one would dare pull those stunts of disgracing him in Kwara state.  The old generation at least proved that they had something to offer and some of their achievements are still seen. What has this new generation got to show?

This generation popularly known as the Indomie noodles generation is already showing the path they have chosen in life. From the 70s and 80s, education was the number one priority. Youths looked up to great inventors, academicians, and business moguls as mentors. The level of creativity displayed by children was high because out of nothing they invented and created toys and other inventions. The resources they have these days were not available back then but yet they made things.

The present generation look more to those involved in cyber fraud a.k.a yahoo boys, musicians etc. To make fast money through any means is what they strive for. To a lot education is a waste. Programs that will enlighten them and add value in their lives are begging for viewership. The recent eviction of Big Brother Nigeria Erica has even made the ex-BBN housemate a millionaire overnight as more than 300 fans raised N12.5M to compensate and “help her get back on her feet”. Among these fans are notable Nigerians who will not come to the rescue of citizens who need help to sort out some hospital bills or just some little capital to startup a business. You won’t be surprised that some of the so-called generous fans have siblings, friends or neighbors who have approached them for help but were turned down.

Quick money is the bane of this generation. They are only concerned with how to make some quick money without working or waiting to grow gradually. All they want is to make money and then used it to oppress their mates. They want to live like their idols – the musicians and celebrities. Education is no longer seen as a means of becoming a success. A lot of them have dropped out of school and follow the way of cyber crimes. Young and old women are looking for rich married, separated or divorced men to date or even get married to as fifth wife because the single men who prefer to grow gradually along the ranks are no longer seen as viable anymore.

Those who have taken to politics are no longer interested in serving the nation or make changes but instead to go and steal. Some Parents are even coaching their kids to tell lies in preparation for the future since politics in Nigeria is synonymous to lying and corruption. The religious bodies that are to chastise this generation have joined in the hunt for money with their prosperity sermons. They look forward to large amount paid as monies to them irrespective of the source of such wealth.

This generation has taken the path of users and not producers. All they care about is to drive flashy cars, use expensive gadgets, drink expensive alcoholic beverages, live in hotels, throw lavish parties etc. The other nations are now busy creating new products for this generation to acquire because they know what they want. We are no longer “selling but being sold” according to Grant Cardone. This generation has chosen their path.

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