NNAMDI KANU : End of The Beginning OR Beginning Of The End?

By Desmond Ekwueme

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Like a bolt out of the blues, the bad system threw him up like several of his likes across the country. Yes, he is a product of the Nigerian system. But he was initially seen as a mere noise maker whose babblings would naturally die like a wild hammattan fire if, undue attention is not paid to him. He was ignored.

By 2015 he was taken seriously as he grew in leaps and bounds. He had followers who increased and multiplied with every passing second especially when and where he was spoken against or condemned. Give it to him, he has this charismatic feature which pulls his faithful to him.

He became an enemy of the state and his Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) was proscribed and slammed "a terrorists organization." He was defiant and continued what he called "a struggle for self determination."

This led to the "Python Dance" operation by the Army. The memories of that operation still lingers. It left sour taste in the mouths of some and bitter taste in the mouths of others.

He was arrested and charged for treasonable felony, possession of arms and breach of public peace. He was granted bail and he literally "disappeared" from the country.

He became a full blown leech on the body of government. He became a torn on the flesh of government. He was seen in London and sighted in Israel almost simultaneously. He had no privacy. His movements became very visible if not predictable on social media. He trended like fashion.

His faithful posted videos of his moves and whereabouts just to showcase his guts. Like him, they never knew they were doing him a great disservice. He exuded confidence wherever he went, in his speeches and activities.

He talked tough and most times above board, a trademark which is often perceived as boastful or ranting depending on how he is viewed or who is describing him. But it was a big minus for him and what he stood for.

He was literally everywhere which is one of his greatest undoings. He is a great influencer of his group through social media platforms. Critics call him a super propagandist. That's his strongest strength and weapon. He established Radio Biafra according to him "digitally" wherever and whenever.

He used it (Radio Biafra) effectively against the Nigerian State. Severally his stations were blocked and transmission disrupted or outrightly yanked off. Yet, he somehow got them back in other frequencies, operational mode and places or locations.

He effectively used them to the advantage of his organizations or group. It was a strong tool for recruitment of his converts who religiously followed and believed his broadcasts, agitations, arguments, debates, teachings and doctrines of Biafra and disintegration of Nigeria.

He forgot however, that he was literally living and operating from and in a land which never and doesn't want Nigeria to disintegrate. It is only natural and normal that he could get arrested or re-arrested in and repatriated from contacts in that land. He forgot that as an enemy of the Nigerian State he is hunted 24 hours/7 days.

A case of "Cunny-man die, Cunny-man bury am." He is back home or back to the land he always referred to as "a zoo." So what becomes of his fate in the zoo? Only time will tell.

But one thing is certain, the Nigerian government can now heave a sigh of relief as it hopes to use his arrest and continuous prosecution to cripple the activities of his group and as well bring relative peace in the South East or control the outrageous level of insecurity in that region.

The Federal Government cannot afford to allow the carnage in the South East to continue especially in the face of the renewed threats by the Niger Delta Avengers. A combination or allowance of both is unimaginable.

The Federal Government must try to get to the roots of the mayhem in the region especially in Imo State to ascertain if his group is fully responsible or they are politically motivated as claimed by Gov. Hope Uzodinma. This is necessary since IPOB often say it is not responsible for most of these deadly attacks.

So what's next for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Supreme Leader of IPOB? Will this latest arrest cripple his plan, agenda and operation? Will it bring to a halt or full stop the activities of the proscribed group? Will it end the Biafra agitation? Will it strength the resolve of the man to soldier on.

Will he become toughened by his present situation and the likely treatment that will come with it in the hands of government? These questions will be answered only if he gains his freedom again.

That freedom.may not come anytime soon. More so, his freedom could be tinted with proposals which could manifest or become workable or feasible after the Muhammadu Buhari administration comes to an end or leaves office.

There's an Igbo adage that says "There are two reasons for pinning your opponent down during a wrestling bout. First, is the believe that he may run away if you leave him and secondly, is the fear that, he may attack you with ferocious anger."

In situations like this, you don't blink. You don't say it's over. You don't rush into a hasty conclusion. It's like the tsetse fly that perches on the scrotum. If you hit it, you may injure yourself and if you leave it, more havoc may be caused.

Who knows, there could be a light at the end of tunnel. Who knows, this may end in praise to the glory of God and for a better country for all. As government prepares to go all out to pursue his prosecution and likely conviction, this could be a divine opportunity and arrangement to look into the whole drama, clamour and outrage over marginalisation and self determination which is not peculiar to him or his group or region.

The whole noise about restructuring which later dovetailed into screams of disintegration which led to the recent dialogue initiated through the National Assembly across the six geo-political zones for constitutional review started from this crisis.

Let's seek the path of peace. Let's jaw-jaw rather than war-war. With dialogue we can fix this country especially when all the regions are given same and equal sense of belonging cum opportunities to develop and prosper.

Nnamdi Kanu seen as a god among his followers


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