By Desmond Ekwueme

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Ace actor cum comedian Olanrewaju James aka Baba Ijesha has been granted bail.on health ground after spending nearly three weeks in the custody of investigators.

Sources close to him say he is limping and the Chief Magistrate or Judge granted him bail on compassionate ground with two sureties and the sum of N500,000.

This writer gathered that since he was granted bail, his home has been turned into a sort of celebration ground or party environment. His friends, associates and sympathisers have been running their mouths all under the umbrella of celebrating his freedom. Of course, no one hates freedom except a hardened criminal or he/she who doesn't love him/herself

Tongues have been wagging since Baba Ijesha was granted bail. His sympathisers are making mockery of his perceived detractors particularly actress Iyabo Ojo who openly and outrightly condemned Baba Ijesha's silly act and vowed to help send him to jail. She poured out her anger in a video that went viral shortly after the ugly and sad incident.

I really wonder why Iyabo Ojo should be receiving all the heat, hits and pressure just because she spoke her mind to condemn the alleged act or attempt by Baba Ijesha.

This writer wants all to appreciate that this case is not closed yet as Baba Ijesha still has to face prosecution according to the Lagos State Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General. It is not the prayer of this writer for Baba Ijesha or anyone to go to jail. But I sincerely pray for those genuinely found guilty of offences they truly committed to face the long arm.of the law...call it jail or sentence. It is fine.

Yours Sincerely has been following this matter religiously given my closeness to nollywood and nollywood celebrities whom I have covered or reported in the last 10 years and still counting. This is one beat that has made this writer so happy and proud. I'm proud of the exploits of nollywood or our entertainment stars.

Until the court proves otherwise, let me warn or advice those celebrating the release on bail of Baba Ijesha that granting him bail doesn't suggest that he is free yet. He has to prove his innocence in the court during trial. It is better he starts preparing his defence and gathering his facts to help him.get off the hook. It is not enough for his sympathisers to quarrel with Iyabo Ojo or Damilola Adekoya aka Princess Comedienne

Except the case is discontinued by Princess Comedienne who in the first place called in the police when she alleged that there was a rape.

It is not in my purvey to state, confirm, justify or prove that there was a rape especially when the alleged victim is said to be 24 and not a minor as initially claimed. Perhaps her birth certificate, international passport (if she has) or better-still DNA can further prove.

The case has taken a dramatic turnaround. There are twists and turns. There are theories of possibilities and probabilities. There are allegations of set up. There are claims of vengeance over an agelong animosity, anger or offence. There are claims of someone being jilted and had to plot a payback. It is indeed a complex matter.

In all, one lesson has been learnt by all. It is what you take delight in doing that could be used to nail, cage or hit you. It is what you love eating that can land you in hot waters by ways of running stomach or vomiting. One hopes Baba Ijesha has learnt some lessons now.

Adults should respect themselves and stop doing childish stuffs. Self discipline is fundamental in human life. People, especially celebrities should understand that they are role models who the next generation look up to. They should not betray this trust.

While we await the outcome of the investigation and possible court judgement when the courts resume, Yours Sincerely appeal to all parties concern to show maturity and understanding. Vengeance may be sweet but forgiveness is sweeter. To err is human but to forgive is divine.



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