By Desmond Ekwueme

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This is not the first time, Gernot Rohr will belittle, derogate and insult Nigeria and Nigerians through comments about the team he manages, the Super Eagles.

This is not acceptable anymore. It is very sad, irritating and unfortunate that no one in the NFF or better-still the leadership of the NFF is not calling this man to order.

Must Rohr talk in this manner always? If he doesn't know what to say about his team, can't he just shut-up.

Recently, he told the media that Nigeria doesn't have the quality to reach the World Cup semis. Statements or comments like this is not needed at a time like this in the history of our beloved country. Or is Rohr insensitive to the current happenings in the country?

There is tension everywhere. Tension and anxiety of insecurity, banditry and kidnappings. There's political uncertainty. The country is enveloped in fear. Tempers are rising. The nation is on the edge...

Rohr should understand that sports particularly football is the binding factor keeping the country together. Each time the Super Eagles excelled, Nigerians from all walks of life irrespective of their religion, ethnic background, geopolitical zone or class come together to celebrate.

Even if Rohr is too sure that the team he handles cannot reach the semis of the World Cup, must he rub it in on us? Isn't it a shame that after six years on the job he still talks like this? Can't he quit? Why handle a team that cannot win any laurel under your watch for six years and still counting? Is Super Eagles or Nigerian job the only coaching job around the world? Must you coach Super Eagles? Why handle a team without prospect? As you always make it seem.

But come to think of it, isn't it really surprising that with the kind of players Rohr presently has especially in the attacking department, he still catches cold once a tournament approaches?

A Nigerian player and a Super Eagles forward, Paul Ebere Onuachu was voted Belgium Player of the Year. The same player was top scorer of the Belgium league...He is one of Europe's highest goal scorers in the just concluded season.

Another player in Rohr's squad, Kelechi Iheanacho propelled Leicester City to winning the prestigious English FA Cup. He is being celebrated in England.

Simy Nwankwo of Crotone finished Serie A as one of the hottest strikers. Napoli's Victor Osihmen is hot and Terem Moffi of Lorient among others did well this season. So what's Rohr talking about?

The fact that Rohr has maintained the same defenders in the last six years implies that he trust them so why complain about or against them via the unacceptable talk of my team lacks quality to reach World Cup semis?

When you abandoned the domestic league on ground that it cannot produce top quality players for your team, it means you have better recruitment grounds which incidentally you have been exploring all the bringing on or "importing" any player from Europe said to have Nigerian blood running in his veins. So why can't you pick a crack World Cup squad from these set of players?

Since his arrival here, Rohr has used or tried seven goalkeepers yet he tells the world he doesn't have the quality to reach World Cup semis? Does he want Eduardo Mendy, Manuel Neuer, Alisson Becker and Ederson put together before he can guarantee Nigerians a "quality" team?

What quality is Rohr talking about? You want N'Golo Kante, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Roberto Lewandowski, Kevin de Bruyne, Kylian Mbappe, Harry Kane and Neymar to nationalise as Nigerians before you reach World Cup semis?

Who is even talking about World Cup semis? Give us a good team worth watching? A team that will play and give us joy. A team that will play like a true Nigerian side...even if or when they lose, we can see a gallant effort.

We want Super Eagles...not Super Chickens. We want soldiers...not boys scout. We want true Nigerian team...not Tokunbo Eagles. Unfortunately, this is what you have been presenting to us since you took charge of the team. You ignore quality backhome and around to pick, select and assemble average players from your scouts and agents...yet you talk of lack of quality.

In 2013, this team won AFCON with six home-based players and 12 players in all who hadn't tasted AFCON tournament before. In 2014, this team reached the second round of Brazil 2014 World Cup. You came and turned the table upside down....yet you had the audacity to rubbish our domestic league, national team and football generally.

Who is talking about World Cup semis? Isn't it worrisome to you that you have been unable to cross ordinary group stage of the World Cup? And you are here talking about semis. Please kindly lead Super Eagles to second round or quarter-final of the World Cup and we will all clap for you...and even plead with President Muhammadu Buhari to give you an award.

Rohr, this is one insult, too many. Enough of it. Enough of these insults.

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