Sacked, Removed, Fired Or Resigned?

By Desmond Ekwueme

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Someone drew my attention to the adjectives used in qualifying or describing the "relieving" of the duties of the Service Chiefs or Security Chiefs as some would prefer to call them by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The presidency in it's statement said, the quartet RESIGNED which implies that they voluntarily threw in the towel having done their best which wasn't or weren't good enough. They willingly bowed out to give room for fresh ideas and tactics.

But the newspapers have chosen different adjectives like SACKED, REMOVED, KICKED OUT, BOOTED OUT and FIRED among others....thus, suggesting that the Service Chiefs were thrown out for failing in their responsibilities.

My response to this poser is if, they resigned then, they retain or keep their dignity....but if they were sacked then, they may have lost some professional pride or dignity.

However, there is little or no difference between resignation or removal going by the situation surrounding Tuesday's event. This issue has been in the frontburner of political cum.public discourse and discuss for months.

The body language of the presidency initially suggests that the Service Chiefs have failed but for reason of honour, the on us falls on them to do the needful....which is resigning...and, not to wait untill they are disgraced by being sacked.

Perhaps this mutual understanding led to Tuesday's action and decision. Not honouring the men by allowing them to resign could have a telling or adverse effect as claimed by a security expert.

But I dare ask, what is the difference between six and half a dozen? Truth is Nigeria has never had it this bad talking security or insecurity. Therefore, it is a good omen or development in our administrative life to see people especially top government functionaries resigning or quitting having failed in their duties.

It is on this note that, this writer commend the Service Chiefs for honourably resigning...having accepted that they failed in their duties, obligations or responsibilities. Indeed, others should follow their footprints or footsteps by doing the needful rather than shamefully fainting or feigning fainting or ailment.

As for the new Service Chiefs, you're welcome on board. Welcome to the hot seats. You already know where, how and why your predecessors failed. You equally know that uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

Sure you know it's not going to be easy. You know the challenges militating against the professional conduct of the troops in facing the insurgents or terrorists.

It's time to create a synergy to enable the Nigerian Armed Forces under your command flush out the enemy or enemies of our state or nation. You can do it judging by your credentials, experience and pedigree.

Kindly save Nigeria from the crushing hands of her enemies most of whom are foreigners. History and posterity will cast your names in diamond...

Best wishes....Welcome on board!!!


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