Sex, Alcohol, Drug & Money

By Desmond Ekwueme

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The bizarre affair between UNILAG level 300 student Chidinma Adaora Ojukwu and Super TV Chief Executive Officer, Michael Usifo Ataga that led to the death of the later is simply a Hadley Chase classic.

This writer won't be talking about the works of the award winning multiple best seller author f "yore" but just to refresh the minds of those familiar with the books of the author of the crime scenes created or painted by him in his blockbuster novels.

This is a clear case of two persons driven by their passion for sex, alcohol, drugs and perhaps money. Nothing more, nothing else!

The 21-year old undergraduate is what "today's people" would simply call "hustler" trying to fend for herself by raking in money from any available source(s) especially from buddies like the Late Ataga who had a willing heart to "help" and equally time to rock. He is one of those socialites out there picking on damsels to catch fun. Sadly he was to celebrate his 50th birthday when death struck through a "client."

This is not about love. There's no love story in this case. The opinion of this writer though. You can't or don't kill a man or woman you love. You can only walk away from him if he (or she) becomes irritating or disgusting to you by his or her actions.

You don't rape a girl, lady or woman you love. You always wait for the right time when your bodies or system are demanding of one another. That's the best time for intercourse. Any other time is either a better or good time.

Rape!!! Should this be ruled out? Ataga may not have intended to rape her since he had allowed her access to his ATM...going by her confession they were probably very unconscious after they both had drinks and did smoke (drugs) which blew his desire or urge out of proportion. But it could be argued that an unconscious man is out of his mind hence rape is a possibility.

Recall she made mention of Ataga not giving her anything (money) perhaps in the five months they had known each other through her friend and he asked her to take his ATM and withdraw whatever amount she wanted as soon as she made his realise that he hadn't given her anything.

Ordinarily, she would have calmed his urge and burning libido like a woman would do to tame an aggressive man then, walk away to pick up some cash then, return to attend to him. But obviously she was drunk and high on "smoke"

It seems clearly like picking up who you think is a cheap whore at will and easing off tension just the way you want it...and on her part, it is getting busy with fun from someone you never liked but obviously likes his love for sex, alcohol and drugs... particularly when you are idle and bored.

The lesson here is for young people of these days to separate fantasy from reality....divorce drugs and alcohol induced sex from the simple act of romance. Infatuation isn't love.

Yes, Chidinma will face her music as an adult she is but for careless men like Ataga out there, this is a big warning!!! Life lost so cheap, despicable and scandalous can never be regained. Now his family faces another side of life unplanned.

Michael Usifo Ataga


Chidinma Adaora Ojukwu


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