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SEX VIDEO : Mbakwe Crires Out From The Grave

By Desmond Ekwueme

Posted  537 Views updated 3 years ago

From March 1976 till date, 16 Governors or Military Administrators or Administrators have governed Imo State

Among all...from Comdr. Ndubuisi Kanu who passed on hours ago to Senator Hope Uzodinma, it is on record that Chief Samuel Onunaka Mbakiwe is the best.

This is a fact every Imolite stands by or with. Mbakwe governed the state between October 1st, 1979 to December 31st, 1983

Within this period, Dee Mbakwe as he was fondly and famously called invested so much in infrastructures, commerce and education.

Virtually every edifice standing today with a good name attached to it in Imo State was built or established by Dee Mbakwe of blessed memory.

Imo State has had governors who spent 8 years in office yet none of them can be compared with or to Mbakwe in terms of good governance.

Today, leadership in Imo State has been ridiculed so much so that the state is presently a laughing stock in the comity of states in the country....due to politics and power tussle.

That Imo North (Okigwe zone) has no representative in the Senate even after all vacant seats have been filled after the recent by-election speaks volumes of how much mockery the state is facing.

The (alleged) story of a viral sex video of a federal government appointee who hails from Imo State to say the least is most unfortunate and absolutely embarrassing...

Imo State is one of the states rich in culture and blessed in all ramifications. From oil and gas to sports...from education to tourism...from commerce to agriculture...just name it. It then hurts deeply if stories like this is linked to an official of the state.

Leaders of the State at all levels should live up to their responsibilities, obligations and functions. We all know or understand that no man is perfect....but people should comport themselves, control their emotions and maintain discipline.

Having sex with multiple partners and recording or videoing it is very ridiculous, very immature and too childish. But like I said, I hope it remains an allegation.

This is not the kind of personalities as leaders Dee Mbakwe prayed for Imolites after preparing a solid template for and of qualitative leadership for the State during his time in office.

Dee Mbakwe must be crying in the grave!!! He must be screaming, "Chei...Ebeeu!!! Ala Owerri e...Ala Imo e!!! Ihe, okwa iru-ala. Umuaka ogii kusikwa iru-ala?"

Mr. Desmond Ekwueme is a renowned journalist based in Lagos, Nigeria.

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