Stop Them Before They Stop You!!!

By Desmond Ekwueme

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The General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry, Pastor Daniel Kolawole Olukoya used to say STOP THEM BEFORE THEY STOP YOU!!! Yes, it is his slogan.

If you're careless or too carefree...and you live a reckless and perhaps sinful life, a sinner will ruin or kill you yet, repent and find his or her way to Heaven...while you...his or her victim land in Hell.

The sad story of Late Tunde Thomas, his wife Moyo Thomas and her boss Adam Nuru, who is FCMB Managing Director/CEO now trending on social media is pathetic... to say the least.

Tunde according to the viral story died of cardiac arrest following depression he suffered after the shocking revelation by his wife that their two beautiful children were fathered by her MD and not Tunde.

Moyo has since relocated to America with the kids and moved on with her life.

Tongues have been wagging in condemnation of Moyo even as many are compelling the Central Bank of Nigeria and Board of FCMB to sack Nuru.

For this writer, it doesn't matter even if Nuru is fired. What is the need of throwing the knife away when it had already done the damage of cutting the finger? Calling for Nuru's sack is medicine after death like they say in local parlance.

I personally don't reason along Nuru's sack except his employers think it's necessary to save the image of the bank and to retain the goodwill of their customers...some of whom may be worried by this incident.

Nuru's affairs with Moyo was or is their personal lives. It has nothing to do with official or professional activities as it concerns the bank. It is therefore wrong and strange to attach the ugly and sad incident to the bank and it's business operations.

My heart bleeds for Tunde. I hope he makes Heaven at last. As for Moyo, needless condemning her because she has a chance to repent and seek forgiveness from God. Once this is guaranteed then, she continues with her normal life.

As for Nuru, he is the biggest winner. He could equally repent and asked God for forgiveness. The two children are already his. He may retain his job and position and move on with his life. It is even possible that he continues with Moyo.

The lesson here is that we must be careful with our families. At least Covid-19 Pandemic has taught us more about that. We must be very close to and with our families. We should know and understand what our spouses do at every point. We must know their friends and associates or companies they keep. There should be check and balance. We must not loose our guard.

The Bible says, we should not judge the dead....otherwise, we should have said Tunde lost control. You must love your wife or husband unconditionally and totally as the Bible commands, but you must not bath in a river yet allow the soap to hurt your eyes.

My prayers for the departed soul is for him to find eternal rest...May God forgive Moyo and Nuru for their adulterous act. May God grant the two children a good future. Their parents (Nuru and Moyo) must work hard to avoid the stigma of this incident permanently perching on the kids.

I salute Moyo's courage for coming out to speak the truth after battling with her spirit, conscience and inner man. She must have been through the grave torture of her sinful and shameful act. She probably was being punished each day seeing the children and blood of Nuru bearing the names of Tunde. She knows she messed up and forever it will remain an indelible mark on her.

She couldn't take it anymore. She knew she has hurt Tunde badly. Keeping quiet and allowing the children to be his will spell doom for Tunde, the children and her some day....if not here...surely in life after here.

She has done the needful and her agitated soul is at peace even if she will have to contend with the spirit and times with Tunde. That would be taken care of once she repents, seek the face of God and forsake her sin. Who is he or she that can judge or condemn her if and when God doesn't? Who can condemn her if God forgives her?

Finally, stop them before they stop you!!! Sadly, they stopped Tunde...

Mr. Desmond Ekwueme is renowned Nigerian journalist based in Lagos, Nigeria

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