The Kankara Boys Movie: Our Soldiers Did Well

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When the news of the kidnap of more than 330 boys from a school located in Kankara, Katsina state rented the air, everyone said their goodbyes silently within themselves. This was going to be another dead end for these boys just like the Chibok and Dapachi kids still in captivity.

Days later, we heard the boys have been released. This was the fastest rescue by our soldiers. Could it be that the call for the removal of the service chiefs by Nigerians made them sit up? Or Boko Haram who claimed to be behind the abduction is becoming soft-hearted? Or what we saw is a scripted movie prank as a birthday gift to President Buhari who just turned 78? All these are the different questions flashing through the minds of lots of Nigerians.

Based on reports from renowned radio and television stations, on the day of abduction the boys were transported on motor bikes popularly known as Okada from the school to where they were kept. The question is how many motor bikes or Okadas were used to transport these boys from one place to another. From calculation, it was a one off trip and that would mean at least 100 motor bikes. The question is how can 100 motor bikes ferry kidnapped kids without any alert?

When the Americans came to rescue their citizen on Nigerian soil, there was resistance which led to the death of the abductors except one. The only story we heard is that the boys have been released without struggle. The release was so smooth that nobody was arrested or killed. All 333 boys came back in trucks and were received by the delighted Nigerian president. The news of their release was indeed the best gift for him. Reports said it was Boko Haram but that was not their style and Boko Haram will not release their victims easily without exchange for something they need.

If our gallant army were so active why are the perpetrators of the massacre of the farmers not yet in custody or killed? What about the Chibok girls and the other kidnapped citizens? Why did the army move into action quickly? Was it because it would be a disgrace that the whole thing happened why Mr. President was in town and it would be an embarrassment?

Nigeria has become the marketplace for kidnappers and killers. There was a report claiming that the kidnap was done by Myetti Allah members other reports claim it is Boko Haram but no one has been invited for questioning. When a group of persons are broke, all they need do is kidnap someone and demand for ransom. It is fast business and the Nigerian Police are not even helping matters. A friend whose father was kidnapped told me how the police station handling the case kept on pressurizing them to pay the ransom quickly as there is nothing they can do.

There are so many loopholes in this Kankara movie story that needs explanation. The directors of the movie didn’t do a good job. We need the true story of this great movie. The Nigerian government and the army need to do more to make the citizens start believing in them again. To the average Nigerian, the rescue of these boys is no different from some Nollywood movie script that was poorly written and directed.


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