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The Legacy

By Desmond Ekwueme

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Are you described as the one who illuminated your community, village, town, Local Government Council or Senatorial zone with power supply or electricity?

Or your house is the only place that has power supply where all the villagers rush recharge their phones?

Are you the one who sunk boreholes in virtually every strategic point in your community, village, town, Local Government Council or Senatorial zone to provide drinkable water to and for your people?

Or the entire village or villagers come to your house to queue at the single tap you placed outside your building to fetch water? Obviously you placed the tap outside the building to avoid the noise and troubles of the villagers.

Are you the person who provided scholarship to the children of the poor in your community, village, town, Local Government Council or Senatorial zone?

Are you the one who built schools and gave free education to indigent pupils and students of your locality?

Or you are the one whose children are schooling abroad while you care not what happens to children of the poor?

Or you are described as the man whose family produced four graduates....and they (your children) are the only graduates in your locality?

Are you the one who employ youth or graduates from your locality and beyond in your companies?

Or you are the person who employ the youth as thugs to disrupt elections by snatching or stealing ballot boxes and creating chaos? You employ youth to chase away or even kill people who challenge you for grabbing their lands?

Are you the one who attracts government attention to fix the death traps on roads within your locality?

Or you are the one flying in the air while your people perish on roads infested with or by death traps?

Are you the one who built hospitals, health centres and health facilities within and around your locality for your people to use at subsidized fee or even for free?

Or you are the one known for travelling abroad with members for medical checkups....while your people languish in diseases and epidemic outbreak?

•The world is still mourning former Ghana leader, John Jerry Rawlings whose selflessness is now a reference point. He is the father of New or Modern Ghana. His "revolution" brought sanity and stability to the politics of the country.

His leadership gave his people hope of a new beginning which transformed the country. His predecessors improved on the structure he built to make Ghana the envy of West Africa nay Africa.

Rawlings is the last of true African leaders whose efforts, dreams and goal are targeted at elevating the continent, her economy and her people.

Adieu Great African son. Your legacy is implanted in the sand of time. You're unforgettable.

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