The Next BBN: My Only Hope To Success

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Collins was all gloomy and lost when I entered the shop. According to his boss, the jovial and friendly young man had been downcast for weeks ever since he was told about the next edition of the Multi-choice television reality show known as Big Brother Nigeria(BBN). I was curious to know why this young man in his early twenties was sad and so I probed him.

According to Collins, his belief is that it was on through BBN his life will turn around. The young man was an apprentice to an expert telephone handsets and laptops repairer. One day, someone told him that there was a 100% link that will ensure that he gets selected and be among the lucky ones to be admitted into the house.  His dilemma was how to raise the sum of N50, 000 to pay for his audition and another N1.5m for his medicals upon selection. Collins has been contemplating on whether he should first sell his laptop first and then when he is selected then he will ask friends to support him or source for a loan.

As I was still in the shop trying to convince the young man to face his apprentice business, his contact came in and told him that the person that was supposed to help him get him into the house said Collins does not have strong followership on social media. This news further broke Collins to pieces as hot tears flowed down his cheeks. It was as if he saw his future slipping off his fingers.

There are so many young people out there struggling to make ends meet but yet are raising so much money to buy forms for BBN audition. The prize is so massive that it is mouth watering. According to Collins, he said all needed were just a month in the house and he is made. He said he would gain so much popularity and endorsements will follow. He was in a fantasy of his own creation.

I had to speak to Collins’ contact to further understand the matter. It was then that he said “All the past BBN housemates are not just ordinary people. They try as much as possible to pick those with massive social media presence like musicians, celebrities, bloggers etc. It is big business. Those who make it into the house have sponsors and whoever wins shares the money with their sponsors’.

Collins is neither popular nor a celebrity on social media. Collins believes in one thing – His being handsome. He said as a fine boy, he knows that a lot of the girls will fight over him. The next BBN is coming up in July and Peters has vowed to get into the house even if the sponsor helps him or not.

Let’s all wait to see if Collins will make it into the BBN House come July.



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