The True Enemies of the People Unveiled

Aftermath of the EndSARS Protest

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The EndSARS protests that took the ruling caste unaware has opened up cans of worms when the same hoodlums and thugs they had unleashed to discredit the peaceful protests had taken laws into their hands. One of such cans is the exposure of secret warehouses of palliatives meant for the hungry masses.

When the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs Sadiyya Farouk told Nigerians that she handed palliatives to the governors of the 36 Nigerian states to be distributed, she was crucified and called all sorts of names. In Lagos State, when hoodlums attacked the palace of the Oba of Lagos, a warehouse was discovered where palliatives were stored. It was a free for all looting. It was from this discovery that the hoodlums reasoned that there may be more storage places for hidden palliatives meant for the people. In search of more, they had discovered a 600ft by 600ft warehouse in maza-maza area in Lagos State. The warehouse had palliatives donated by private companies to be distributed to the citizens of the western region. It was looted to the ground.

Ever since the discovery of these warehouses, hoodlums have been discovering warehouses of palliatives that the government has refused to distribute. Almost every state warehouses has been looted including northern states. The government of Sokoto State has started distributing their own share of palliatives to some communities.

In a bid to discredit a peaceful protest, the government has unveiled their identity as the real enemies of the people. The palliatives that were meant for the people, they kept away from them. They refused to give to their people. Some of the bags of foodstuff had already gone bad. What is the reason for this sort of wickedness? The unfortunate aspect of the whole event is that the hoodlums have started attacking every warehouse they see in the search for palliatives. Private owned warehouses and shops have been looted. It has resulted to massive destruction.

The running of the Nigerian government is the most expensive in the world. Every month the Nigerian government pays nothing less than N126 billion to pay 491 senators salaries meanwhile to pay the 10500 professors in our universities is N10 billion. After a governor serves 8 years he gets a pension which is paid regularly but those who have served for 30 years will fight to get his gratuity and monthly pension is nothing to write home about. There are so many pensioners who have died without collecting their pensions.

Ethnicity and religion has never been the problem of this nation but the leaders who have always used it to cause division amongst us. When the EndSARS protest defied those two areas and became one, the true identity of the enemy came out. With the enemy identified, the best thing is to stop the search for palliatives and plan towards 2023 to take back the country.

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