They Called Me “Daddy” But What would I have done?

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Okwudili (not real names) could not contain his tears as they flowed freely from his eyes when he discovered the truth about two out of the four kids he had been working hard to raise and give a better life. Okwudili had left the shores of Nigeria after the birth of his first child 10 years ago. He was a graduate as well as a business man. He had started his business while he was a student in the university.  Upon graduation, Okwudili faced his business but had to go to the Dubai, when things became rough for him.  Two years later he came back to Nigeria and after spending two months with his family he travelled back to continue his sojourn in search of the golden fleece. According to Okwudili, he was happy when his wife told him that they were expecting a second child.

He knew that he had to work extra hard to accommodate this new addition. He could come back to witness the birth of his second child. He came back when the little baby whom he had seen her pictures was celebrating her third year birthday. Barely spending four months he disappeared but this time it was to Spain. He was delighted to hear the news of his wife’s pregnancy. He was however present to witness the delivery of the third child. He stayed for a whole year with his family because he had started a house building project and also trying to set up a business for his wife.

Two years later, his wife got an invitation from a relative to visit Spain. It was an opportunity to see her husband. Two months later she was back in the country and told the husband that they would be expecting a fourth child. So Okwudili knew that his hustle must increase so he started working on plans to move to Canada. He got lucky and landed himself a lucrative job offer with one of the multinational companies. After two years in Canada with a company, he was given the opportunity to bring his family over to Canada pending when they would set up a branch in Nigeria.

It was when Okwudili had to get the DNA test for his children as part of the VISA requirements that he got the shock of his life. It was the first child and third child that were his own. He was devastated. He did not disclose his findings to his wife. So while he was still in the country preparing the documents, he did some investigations. He later found out that his wife was involved in some unholy and clandestine activities while he was away from the country. When the VISAs came out, He did not let his wife know when he was to travel out of the country. He had lied to her that he wanted to visit some friends would be going with two of the kids. The woman did not suspect anything until she got a call from her husband that they had boarded a plane going to Canada.

Okwudili’s wife was confused and so sent for the family to inform them of what happened. Later Okwudili called the head of the family to arrange for a meeting with his in-laws and that he will call to tell them why he took such a decision. On the appointed day and time, Okwudili called and told them to ask his wife to tell them what she had been doing in secret and the outcome. He then gave instructions that the head of the family should take possession of the house while his wife should be relocated to a flat that he had secured and paid two years rents.

He ended the call. They tried calling back but the response was “This line cannot be reached”.

Based on true life events

If you were in Okwudili’s shoes what would you have done?

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