Tinubu's Image and 2023

By Desmond Ekwueme

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This is the season of political mudslinging...or do we just say we are approaching or entering that season where and when the ugly, bad, dirty and stinking parts and past of politicians or political office-seekers are made public by the promoters of their foes or their adversaries or opponents if you care.

There's a saying in our political sphere that goes, "If you don't want your dirty linen to be washed in the public then, steer clear off or from politics".

While you blame those who dig deep to unearth the past and or present secret or "bad" deeds....and ugly background of these politicians, you equally have to warn the politicians themselves to come clean. Don't allow your past or deeds or actions to hunt and hurt you. Clean up your mess and treat your followers or those you once led or wish to lead well

He that desires or preaches equity must come to the table with clean hands.

This writer is not putting up this piece to justify any vicious attack on any politician neither is he supporting the evil of most politicians. But simply put, he seeks to remind our politicians that Nigerians are not asking for too much or for their secrets.

Nigerians simply want good governance. By good governance we are talking about food on their table, electricity for them to do petty businesses, good roads for them to ply to ease the stress of killer-potholes, security of their lives and properties and finally jobs to make all the aforementioned work better or become a dream come true.

Recently, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been under immense media attack especially on social media. First, it was reported or alleged that the Code of Conduct Bureau invited him for questioning. Then, came the story of his daughter being 60 years while he claims 69.

Then, followed by his slip in an event in Kaduna which led to his infamous stumble and stagger. The video went viral as he was accused of being too old and weak to preside over Nigeria or run for the office of President and Commander-in-Chief. Some even said, he is older than President Muhammadu Buhari.

Lately, another photo of Tinubu surfaced and went viral on social media. The source of the photo obviously was insinuating that Tinubu is too old, frail-looking and probably sick to participate in the race for 2023. But those who are close to him say the photo was taken during the Ramadan fasting when he hosted friends and associates in his Mecca abode.

Tinubu has never come across this writer. He is not and doesn't seek to be Tinubu's publicist but he wonders why there are no response to these endless attacks especially as it is always or only Tinubu that is under attack among the few politicians whose intention to run for president is known. It is either that this silence is golden or it is an affirmation of the stories flying around as a confirmation of the truth in the attacks

Perhaps Tinubu's media team had concluded that you don't bring out basins for all rains...nor dry all clothes in the public or you don't chase a mad man who runs away with your wrapper while you are bathing naked...or it is not the appropriate time to respond...or Tinubu himself has ordered them to keep mute as it is not yet time for their already loaded gun to shoot.

It is a normal political question, sense and calculation to understand where these attacks are coming from? Who is sponsoring them? For what purpose before you begin to defend your principal.

But in politics some damage are very colossal and injurious. They could tear apart all the affected politician(s) plan, dream, goal, ambition or aspiration especially at times like these that our nation is facing turbulent challenges...passing through very difficult times and facing an uncertain future hinging on and around ethnic and religious divides.

In politics, there's an accepted theory, view or parlance that those who start early have a better chance to conquer...and the end of one election is the beginning of another. This equally goes to war or attack on political foes to destabilise them.

With the growing attacks on Tinubu and the perceived or assumed silence from or of his image makers, his teeming supporters and associates are even wondering what's going on especially as he is yet to officially declare his interest to contest the 2023 Presidential election. They ask, could he be merely flying a kite?

Critics even opine that the attacks are so vicious and damning in evidence that no response or defence could douse or subdue or suppress them....which is even assumed as conceding defeat and accepting the reality as painted by and in the pictures of and from the attack and attackers.

Back to the issue of discourse of this piece, it is time those eyeing 2023 at various level begin to consider their images and reputations.,.and begin to do something about it before they get submerged with the reality and facts before the electorate who are vulnerable and gullible. Truth is the average Nigerian is tired of the older and so called experienced politicians and believes any negative story slammed at them.

It is also time for those who wish or desire to be president in 2023 to step forward and declare their stand, ambition and interest. This long silence is deceptive particularly in the face of the deteriorating situation of insecurity in the country. The refusal of the so called presidential aspirants to speak up and proffer solution to the threatening state of insecurity in the country is an indication that they either have nothing to offer or they have compromised.

In days, weeks and months ahead there will be more injurious if not despicable attacks on these politicians. Remember, in 2019, we were told that one of our presidential candidates was from Niger Republic. Days after we got a counter report that the other was from Cameroun and had a tribal mark on his buttocks. Very ridiculous. That is how low Nigerian politics has been reduced.

That's how dirty our politics could be. This writer won't be surprised if the attacks on other aspirants or candidates ahead of the 2023 election become worse than Tinubu's. It would soon be a season for jaw jaw...a season for the media whether responsible or irresponsible approach, practise or reporting...

After Tinubu, who's next in these coming attacks? We should all be ready for bad times in the face of the likely bad press that will embrace the aspirants and or later candidates ahead of 2023. But sincerely, Tinubu's image makers need to up their game and get busy. In Nigeria's "political jungle" attack is the best form of defence. This is one attack too many.

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