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Top 5 Gist that Shook the Social Media in Nigeria in 2020

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2020 had started with so much promises but a lot of these promises were cut short when events started unfolding. Here are the top 5 stories that made the media hot in Nigeria.

No.5: The Tunde Thomas Story/ Big Brother Nigeria

The story of Mr Tunde Thomas and his ex-wife Moyo came up when Tunde fell and died from a heart failure. His death was linked to the mild stroke he suffered about three years ago when his wife revealed to him that his two kids were fathered by her boss, Adam Nuru who is presently an MD with FCMB. See:

Big Brother Nigeria also took the center stage with laycon winning the show.

No. 4: Channels TV Staff turns wife to punching bag

Pius Angbo was stripped naked on social media when his wife posted a video of how she was beaten by her husband. The video had gone viral with everyone out for the head of Pius Angbo for being a beast. See:

No. 3: Edo State Elections: Obaseki vs. Oshiomole

The Edo State elections broke the camel’s back on social media when the incumbent governor of the state Godwin Obaseki was denied the governorship ticket by APC chieftain Adams Oshiomole.

No.2 (Joint): Covid-19 restructured the world

The novel Corona Virus known as Covid-19 came with its own identity. It succeeded in restructuring the way people lived. The use of Face mask was alien to Nigerians but now it has become a part of dressing. When Ebola came to Nigeria, the scare was not bad as Covid-19 even though it was deadlier. With the second wave about to hit the country, people who were weary of face masks has started accepting the fact that it has become a part of us.

No 2(Joint): Crime Rates and Insecurity at its peak

During the Lockdown the crime rate soared high. The group known as the One million boys was re-awakened from their slumber. Till date the level of kidnap, robbery and maiming has tripled. There are bandits and terrorists all over the country that there are calls that the service chiefs should resign or removed by the government.

No.1: EndSARS Protests and The Aftermath.

When the EndSARs protests started in October after 5 months lockdown in Lagos, it was peaceful until the government tried to hijack it using touts to fight the protesters. The protests were finally hijacked by hoodlums after shooting at the Lekki Toll gate by armed military men. These hoodlums were involved in destruction of government properties, looting private businesses

This is 2021, let us see which news will trend.

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