By Desmond Ekwueme

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Are we in war situation? Were we fighting war? How can we describe last week's blockage of food items from entering the South through Kwara State by hoodlums?

Indeed, interesting times lie ahead of us. Gradually we have creating war situation even if the sounds of guns and bombs are or were yet to be heard.

It's a psychological warfare at least for now. It is a mind-game. But this is a very sad, bad and most unfortunate omen and development in the history of our country.

The strategy of cutting off or blocking of food supplies was played out last week. That is a clear war strategy world over.

It was a huge success in the civil war fought here between 1967 and 1970. It was a strategy that made Biafra succumb to the victory of the Federal might and tactics. "You don't fight a man you feed". A satanic verse!!!

Last week, we heard that trucks and trailers bringing agricultural cash crops or food items to the South were being turned back or forced to offload in the border town between Niger State and Kwara State...Kara Jebba precisely.

Conflicting reports say the dreaded bandits were the ones turning back the trucks and trailers...while others suggest that hoodlums were the ones carrying out the job.

It was later reported that the foodstuffs were diverted or transported to Niger Republic, Cameron and Chad respectively.

Eye witness accounts say, no law enforcement agent was around to stop the menace.

Part of the food items include beans, potatoes, carrots, onions, sugarcane, darts, millets, maize and yams among others. Fishes were also part of them.

This has grossly affected prices of foodstuffs among other commodities in the markets in Lagos and other Southern cities...as prices have gone 500% high between last weekend and this week.

A clear indication that the North truly controls agriculture in the country contrary to the wide held view that South does given it's fertile land, green vegetations and proximity to Sea and Rivers.

The ongoing food crisis caused by the blockage is a reality that the South has abandoned agriculture to go on a fruitless chase of the dark shadows of white collar jobs....and got carried away by politics of sellouts and betrayals. The white collar jobs are not even under it's reach or control. That's the irony.

As it stands today, the South cannot feed itself assuming there is breakup of the country (God forbid). The South has been making empty noise of self-sustenance based on availability of crude oil and it's production. Who drinks or eats crude oil?

But no country in the world today survives merely or singularly on oil production especially in a situation whereby the refineries that would have ensured smooth operation and self sustenance are all in a state of comatose forcing the country to export crude oil and import petroleum products at thrice the price of moving the crude out for refining. What an irony!

Yes, the politics of the Southern politicians is a blind politics...whereby the stupidity of the southern leaders are embedded in selfish amassing of the Commonwealth of the people through playing the pivotal role of divide and rule at the centre thereby boxing their people into a ridiculous poverty ridden corner.

The mess or scandal in the Senate probe of the Niger Delta Development Commission is a revelation of how Southerners are the ones used to destroy the oil regions and oil producing communities through lack of infrastructure yet they are the ones aiding the siphoning of funds allotted to the Commission for projects and development.

Ironically, the South keeps shooting itself on the toes and politically selling out thus, helping to undermine economic development of the region(s) through deliberately relegating agricultural activities and development to the background.

When loans for agriculture and fertilisers procurement or supply are discussed, they grab the deals meant for farmers in the South for their greedy and selfish interest thus, gulping all the monies made available for that purpose....leaving the farmers and masses at the mercy of the North.

When hunger and starvation come knocking at the doors of the South as the obvious signs seen through the food blockage, perhaps, leaders of the South will provide the White collar jobs and oil Wells for the people to feed on.

When this question is asked, Who are the enemies of the South? Southerners should be fair enough to look themselves straight in the eyes....and say, WE ARE OUR ENEMIES. The leaders for deceiving the people and embezzling funds meant to develop the region....and the led (followers) for being too docile and gullible.

However, one message this writer has for those blocking food items coming to the South is simply that "The fence protects both the man inside and the man outside...but it is he who chooses to pull down the fence that exposes the secrets of both". There are two sides to a coin.

Let's save Nigeria!!! Let's stop beating this drums of war....it's an ill wind that blows no good.

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