Who is A Wife Material?

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Peter took his new girlfriend to his house for the first time. His mother was on a visit too. After some time, Peter’s mother instructed Vanessa to go to the kitchen and prepare something for them to eat which she politely refused. When Vanessa left, Peter’s mother told his son that Vanessa was not a wife material. Who is a wife material?

When the topic came up for discussion, a lot of people condemned Vanessa’s actions, some said she was not well brought up, while a few thought otherwise. Some even concluded that she was a proud girl and will have issues in her marriage for refusing the instructions of her future mother-in-law. One man said maybe she didn’t know how to cook but she would have just gone to the kitchen. The conclusion was that she was not a wife material.

Going to the kitchen on your first date does not make you a wife material. Vanessa was a guest and should be treated as one on her first visit. You don’t invite someone to your place for the first time, and tell her to go your kitchen just to impress your mother. If she insisted that she would do the cooking before the invitation but taking her unawares is not cool. I told some aspiring young bachelors who were looking forward to marriage that “The criterion for choosing a wife is different from that of just getting a babe”.

A wife material adds value to the life of their man. Doing chores such as washing his clothes, cooking for him, cleaning his house or making love to him is not a enough to make you a wife material. A wife material goes beyond those things. She gives her man things that his money cannot buy. A man can wash his clothes himself of take it to the laundry; he can cook or eat outside, he can clean his house or hire someone to do it, he can even pay for sex etc.

A good example of value is spiritual value from a wife material who wants her man live a fulfilled life or an originator of business ideas that is a helping her man succeed in life. Any man who is getting value from his woman will hardly abandon such a rare pearl unless he has a personal problem or he is under a spell.

The question I ask most young people when they tell me about their breakups is “If you take away the money, material things and sex from that relationship, what else can you remember it for?” And in most cases, the answer is “Nothing”. This is because everything about the relationship had no valuable input from both partners. It was all about the things of the flesh but not the heart.  


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