Who Wants To Embarrass Dangote?

By Desmond Ekwueme

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Mtcheeeeew!!! How did I get myself involved in this discussion? What a way to start the New Year in this public sphere!!! What an issue to discuss!!! Permit me however at this point to say, this may be a concoction...

A very comfortable pretty lady in her 30s (Bea Lewis) will wake up from her cozy bed in a palatial apartment or home inside an exclusive area in a respected city of the world during the Yuletide season to tell us how her heart was broken in 1000 pieces by a billionaire businessman (Aliko Dangote)...and we all commence discussion or do I call it a debate?

But come to think of it, why won't we jump into this discussion. when the personality involved or mentioned is very prominent...more he is our son?

It's so laughable but not surprising that Lewis still rues the exit of the billionaire from.her life after a long departure. Who won't? Not even a male friend, associate, business partner or close employee of such calibre of personality will be happy to part ways with him.

Interestingly, Lewis told the world how the billionaire treated her honourably by exposing her to wealth and the business world which she hugely benefitted from. Thankfully, she didn't say she was raped, jilted or maltreated. She didn't lie like others would that, she was sexually harassed in a night club, inside a car or hotel room or in a high profile event by the billionaire. At least she was honest and fair enough in her revelation or disclosure or confession.

Many have been asking the motivation behind her statement. Why now? What does she want to achieve with this disclosure?

Observers and analysts say she probably wants to unsettle the billionaire or better-still rattle him...as that may lead to a phone-call and a possible reunion. If this true...she has failed because the billionaire never said at any point or time that he was a SAINT...

More so, he would have decided to even marry her if truly they had an affair and if she was a marriage material...going by the fact that his religion permits four wives.

If the billionaire considered her or his relationship with her while it lasted as a "fling" then, she should look at herself critically to understand what was wrong with her to attract the decision of the billionaire to call it quits with the affair. Perhaps she has realised her error hence she now rues regrettably.

In all, NOTHING DO DANGOTE like they say in local parlance!!! You can't embarrass the Don!!! This is a failed coup attempt!!!

Mr. Desmond Ekwueme is a renowned Nigerian journalist based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Pix 1 : Bea Lewis


Pix 2: Bea Lewis


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