Why you need a Surveyor In Drainage Construction

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One of the major causes of flood in some Nigerian big cities like Lagos is poor drainage system. In the city of Lagos, raining season is a nightmare to some communities. Every year, it is the same scenerio playing out because the drainage system are not properly constructed and even those ones that show some form of good constructions are not well maintained. 

About two months ago, a major part of the Lagos Island was flooded with lots of communities counting their losses in millions of naira. 

The question that comes to everyone's mind is - What is the major cause and the solution?

The number one cause of our poor drainage system emanates from the construction of the drainage system itself.  A lot of the drainages constructed are done without the presence of a Land surveyor to check the levels and give the professional advice on how to channel the water in the drains. The government authorities responsible for building approval are not doing their work to supervise drainage construction.

In some of the fast developing communities in Lagos state, someone will build his house and construct a long strip of hole in front of his own plot with no direction. No land surveyor was involved and no plan. The man next to his plot, will sandfill his own plot higher and then construct his own drains to join the first plot with no leveling done,. Any new person developing his own plot will join the trend until the uneven drainage system ends up no where or simply terminate into one of the major drainages. When it rains, instead of the water moving towards the major drainage system, it will rather flow back and get stucked in the middle of the street. In some cases, water from other streets will start finding their way into the streets with uneven drainage channels.

Another major cause of flooding in Lagos is blocked drains. With the uneven levels of the drains, debris such as plastic bottles, sand, stones etc tend to block the drains because they are not either moving or are stagnant. This is as a result of the drains not being sloppy to push the debris by the running water or are higher for the water to even climb. This is caused as a result of not getting the surveyor involved in drainage construction.

The solution is to get the surveyors look at the drains and give his professional advice on the solution and a lasting one. 

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