Your selling can repel sales –Part 1

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Selling in a very broad sense is every activity you undertake in order to attract, engage and establish lasting relationships with new and existing customers in order to increase your sales on a consistent basis.  When you get the selling process right, it ends in customers buying your product or patronizing your service (sales).

As important as selling to the continuous survival of any business irrespective of its size or industry, it can actually lead to more desired customers opting to patronize your competitors over you. How possible can that be; you may ask?

Below are some situations whereby your selling efforts would repel sales rather than attract sales:

1) Chasing sales instead of earning sales

2) Delegating selling to a department

3) Selling to earn commission

4) Brandishing product or service features

5) Over promising

Chasing sales instead of earning sales

A lot sales practitioners and businesses erroneously believe that desired customers will show a lack of interest towards buying their products or services if they are allowed to make their own purchase decisions. So, they go all out to bombard them with sales messages that are tilted towards manipulating them into buying their product or services irrespective of whether they need it or not.  This is largely responsible for desired customers becoming defensive as soon as they sense the presence of sales representatives or businesses that adopt such approach to selling.  And they try as much as possible to keep their wallet (money) away from them. They do this by refusing to patronize them.

Sales Superstars and businesses however do the direct opposite of this approach to selling. They don’t chase sales rather they earn them by genuinely focusing on identifying the problems of desired customers and helping them to solve those problems better than anyone else. This approach weakens the defensive tendencies of desired customers and they become more predisposed to patronizing such sales representatives and businesses. 

Delegating selling to a department

One of the ways you will easily identify businesses that do not have a firm grasp of what selling entails; is that they would delegate the selling function in their businesses to a specific department (usually sales or marketing department). And every other department or individual in such businesses distance themselves from the responsibility of selling. What actually happens in such businesses is that they unknowingly create individuals and departments that fend off desired customers (repel sales) through actions or inactions rather than attract them.

The reality is that everybody (without any exception) from the MD or chairman to the cleaners in any business are all involved in the selling responsibility of the business because their respective roles in the business exist to take actions that will help the business to solve the problems of desired customers better than any other competitors; which is what selling is all about.

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