Your Selling Can Repel Sales –Part 2

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Selling to earn commission

If you have ever encountered a sales representative that is desperate to meet his or her target and earn the corresponding commission; you will agree with me that they are not difficult to recognize.

They would usually use every skill at their disposal to try to make you buy whatever it is they are selling irrespective of  whether you need it or not. And you can easily see through their desperation that they are not in any way interested in ascertaining your interest or taking steps that will help you meet your needs. Customers are usually not favourably disposed to such selling method and they try as much as possible to resist their offer. This usually leads to lost sales.

However, smarter and very successful sales representatives usually push their sales commission or sales target to be back burner. They rather focus on identifying what their desired customers need and helping them with the best option of meeting such needs (they serve customers’ interest). They know that achieving their sales commission or sales target is a function of maximizing customers’ satisfaction. This is how they are able to convert desired customers to existing customers, existing customers to repeat customers, repeat customers to permanent customers, and permanent customers to brand ambassadors. And of course, they eventually make more sales commissions than those who put sales commission in the fore front of their selling efforts.

Brandishing product or service features

Too many sales representatives and businesses approach selling by brandishing the features of their products or services; you would hear statements like “our products are of very high quality”, “our products are second to none”, “we are highly reputable” and so on. Unknown to such sales representatives and businesses, it is not products or services that customers buy, rather it is the solution that a product or service delivers that they buy. So, desired customers are not interested in how good your products or services are. The interest is principally how their problems would be solved.  Therefore, when you don’t show them how your product or service will solve their problems or meet their needs, they would leave you for your competitors that would show them the solution to their problems.

This is why superstar sales representatives and businesses approach selling by highlighting the results or outcomes that they would help their desired customers to achieve. And they are able to attract more customers and increase their sales in the process.

Over promising

Every business today is operating in very tough and even predatory business environment. Every business wants to snatch and retain the customers of their competitors.  And as a result, most businesses and sales representatives get desperate to sale their products or services. In the process, they make exaggerated promises that they do not have capacity to meet or fulfill.

When a business fails to deliver on the promises it made to customers, it creates a negative reputation for itself. Besides, the customers that were disappointed would go all out especially in this era of social media to share their negative experiences and such shared negative experiences discourage other potential customers from patronize such businesses. This usually leads to lose of sales.   

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