Your Uniforms Are Not Licenses for Intimidating the Innocent

Disrespecting the Uniform

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In The past week there have been reports of how men in uniforms have cut short the lives of innocent young men. In Okokomaiko in Lagos State, there was a report of how some naval officers beat up an innocent man to death who was trying to settle an argument between a Naval Officer and a trader over a N250 plug. And in Port Harcourt, Rivers State there was another report of Military soldiers beating up a mechanic who later died.

The situation is getting out of hand as more deaths are recorded alongside other forms of intimidation from these uniformed officers. The officers that are meant to protect lives and properties are now the ones taking those lives and destroying properties. The moment some of them wear that uniform, they become demi-gods. They break the law any time they feel like. They obstruct free flow of movement on the roads and you find some of breaking traffic rules especially in the times of traffic jam.

They will enter commercial buses and refuse to pay their fares claiming to be a staff. There is nowhere in the Nigerian constitution that states that those in military uniform should not pay their fares. They have their own laws. Some of them harass and intimidate people as they deem fit. It is a sad thing when you see some officers of the Nigerian Police Force working with touts to extort money from hardworking commercial bus drivers. They mount road blocks and intimidate drivers as well as passer-bys. A lot of the police stations are almost empty because all they do now is go outside with AK47 guns to extort money and intimidate innocent people. Even the some soldiers have joined them to mount road blocks in areas with no threats to security brandishing weapons as if the nation is at war.

When they do not find who to intimidate, they fight themselves. There have been so many incidences documented and undocumented where you see either two or three officers in the same security organization fighting themselves or fighting others. There was the popular case of two policemen fighting on the highway while a third was trying to separate them as onlookers enjoy the wrestling bouts. some years ago, it was the army that burnt down a police barrack at Ojulegba, Lagos over intimidation issues. The major culprits in this show of disgrace to the "Uniform" are some members of the Nigerian Police Force, Nigerian army and until recently the Navy. It is very rare to see members of the Nigerian Airforce to get involved in civil matters.

The uniform is not a license for unjust intimidation. A lot of officers no longer respect the uniform and what it stands for. Some of them see it as an avenue to carry out their nefarious acts against innocent citizens. So many of these bad officers are no longer fit to be in uniforms any more as they have brought shame to the security arm of the nation. There should be re-orientation of all arms of the military on their duties.

Two police officers fight over money


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